Nerdy nibbles and cereal crusts: kid-at-heart dessert recipes for the child in all of us

Hello food-loving friends! Over on my recipe blog, Bijoux & Bits, I've been featuring some recipes that would appeal to any kid: superhero cakes (in this case, Guardians of the Galaxy!), cereal crusts (Fruity Pebbles!), and Star Wars cookies (of the "Chewie" variety!). Here's the scoop on each in case you're in need of something tasty to tempt your kids and of course, your own cranky-pants kid at heart.

Happy Fourth of July: let's talk about how cool parades are

Happy Fourth of July to all the celebrating Americans out there! Today we thought it'd be fun to throw in a special parade-themed round-up filled with photos from families at parades all over the world. If you're not American, not celebrating, or not into fireworks.. maybe you'll like this!

A Zumba-induced baby born in the caul

I always knew my baby would be "late." I disagreed with the due date predicted by my three month scan and thought my actual "forty week mark" was about twelve days later. When I declined induction, I was referred to a consultant who was surprisingly supportive and said that twenty years ago I wouldn't have been induced, so it was my decision. I was constantly aware of every kick in the womb, which was more reassuring to me than any scan could be.

Being super human for our children

To my girls, right now, I am super human. Flawed, undoubtedly, but they overlook, forgive, and maybe even ignore them. What they see is that superhero my 14-year-old self wished to be. In my girls' minds, I can accomplish anything. I am defender, righter of wrongs, protector of justice.