OMG! Shark pet bed combines my two favorite things

Updated Jun 19 2017

Omg omg, way to combine two of my favorite things: my pets and sharks! You know, one day I shall have a pet shark. But until that pet shark day comes, I can tide myself over with this shark-shaped pet bed!

They come in different sizes and colors, with special material that absorbs bacteria and odors. Yeah yeah, whatever.

Can we talk about the fact that every time your pets go in and out, it'll look like a fat, bitchy shark is both eating and then spitting out small house pets!?

  1. I love this! I'm just not entirely sure I could convince my nervous little pug that it's not a real shark… =/

    • My dog and cat fight over the small pet bed we have as well. If my husband hadn't put the stipulation of "NO MORE SHARK STUFF" in our house, I would force them to fight over this bed.

  2. Oh god. I may need to order this and see what my cats think of it. They do need a new kitty capsule (as the BF has nicknamed it) and he has a thing for sharks….

    The video could be a riot.

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