Kitchen bathtub, home wine-maker, and the world’s most unsexy slippers

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Hellllllllo, Offbeat Homies! Let’s get the week going with a look at what’s been going on with photos from the Offbeat Home Flickr pool and things we’ve pinned via the Offbeat Home Pinterest account.

Mama Kubie (my mother-in-law) graced us with an early Christmas present -- an awesomely-personalized Waterhog mat from L.L. Bean.
East Kent Golding hop flowers in a muslin bag, plus hop pellets (also EKG) proof it's a cake! bathtub in kitchen

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Comments on Kitchen bathtub, home wine-maker, and the world’s most unsexy slippers

  1. The pig will probably get a lot bigger, even the tiny ones tend to; leads to a lot being abandoned, so do be cautious when advocating them! Totally cute regardless

    • Oh I knowwwww. I make a habit of fantasizing about unattainable pets: I also really, really, really want a giant tortoise. Let’s not talk about the practicality of that. I just need my fantasies. 🙂

          • Ohmahgourds! I wish I had a picture to depict the scale of the guinea pig formerly known as my guinea pig. She isn’t nearly this long, but she’s… wide.
            I was fully expecting your link to be a link to this.

          • Ok, as a proud guinea pig owner, both of these links about made my day! Also, I have a…wide…guinea pig, too. I have two, and had to choose between my older pig being too skinny (from not eating pellets in addition to hay and veggies) or my younger pig being too hefty (from eating said pellets). Both are doing fine.

            I would totally own a capybara, and also an otter 🙂

      • I really want an octopus, personally. Unfortunately my research seemed to indicate that you have to cure the tank longer than the actual life expectancy of the octopus.

    • Piggies are great pets, and I loved mine, but you need to research them hardcore before you get one.
      To consider:
      1. They are afraid of heights, have weak bones, and the potential to get extremely heavy and therefore need ramps to get down stairs (up is less of an issue).
      2. They get lonely if you cant be with them 24/7. They pine.
      3. When you hear that pigs have the intelligence of 3 year old humans, please bear in mind that “having the same intellectual capacity” does not mean “literally equivalent to”.
      4. They are a tropical animal, and they need to be kept warm, because they can freeze to death.
      5. eventually your tiny piglet might become so large that when he lies down, he won’t be able to stand up again without your aid. He will lie there crying until you get there.
      6. If you get your male piglet neutered, your dogs will go crazy because his wound will smell like pork to them.

      I did really love my pig though. They are worth the heartache if you’re in a position to give them what they need.

      • My college roommate’s family had a pot bellied pig that lived in their home with them. Fully grown.
        They didn’t have cold air conditioning and kept things warm in the winter. I don’t know about the logistics of it, but it looked like a pretty happy hog.

    • I always wondered why they’ve bred tiny horses and tiny pigs and not mini-cows. You could have half a pint of fresh meat per day. It would be amazeballs.

  2. heh when my aunt lived in Greenwich Village in the 70s she had a bathtub in the kitchen. She said it was horrible but I kind of wish she still had the rights to that apartment so I could move in 😉

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