Scrubbing a naked stranger: my twist on Tinder’s disposable dating culture

I went on a Tinder date with a heartbroken, griefstricken stranger. There was no chemistry, but there was clearly… something.

So for our second date, I did something weird.

How can I make my uncomfortable tub more relaxing for a comfy soak?

My apartment’s bathtub is not conducive to a relaxing soak. The back wall of the tub goes straight up at a ninety degree angle, with a little ledge before the wall.

The search and rescue mission for a tiny bathtub for my tiny home

One of the aspects of building a tiny house is the difficulty in finding products and materials suited to a tiny space. Take, for example, our tub. With the 4′ footprint allowed by the space in my bathroom, I went shopping for a cheap, deep, small tub.

Help me find a bathtub that is cheap, septic tank-friendly, and preferably DIY

I would love to have a bathtub, but we have a septic tank that is small like the rest of our house.

Do you know of anyway that we make/buy a bathtub that deals with grey water a la the amazing inventions of Burning Man?

My bathtub is wasting precious space!

My bathtub is wasting precious space!

We’ve just moved into a new rental place and it has a separate bath and shower. I’m excited about having a tub, but I can’t see us using the tub more than once every couple of weeks. I was wondering if anyone has found a… dust cover? Or something that you could put over a tub? Or some way of covering the tub between uses so that the space could get used as a bench or something?

Water your house plants with bathwater

My son takes a bath every night. Last night, as the tub was draining and I was thinking over my chores I needed to execute that evening (because that’s how I treat my chores: EXECUTION!) I realized that I could kill two birds with one stone and use the lukewarm bathwater to water the houseplants.