Make surreal video lemonade of the lemons of noisy neighbors

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So this one time, the condo beneath ours was completely gutted and remodeled, with heavy construction for a couple weeks. The construction guys listened to a lot of Russian pop while they worked. Hours and hours of it. At a certain point, it got so ridiculous that I had to capture it. No tape deck, so I used my camera…but then I had to figure out something to fill the screen with while recording the ridiculous music. This very odd video was the result. Obviously, audio is key — and patience doesn’t hurt.

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  1. There is something oddly meditative and soothing about the faint Russian pop combined with the Aloha man nodding.

    • Totally this.

      Things I also love:
      1. “Dude, you guys, I love this one.”
      2. The sassy interview
      3. Finger high kicks

  2. Ariel you are you most fantastically fabulous finger dancer I have EVAR had the chance of seeing finger dance…. No shit…. AMAZING!

  3. To make it more bizzare, this isn’t pop. It’s a genre called “shanson,” a kind of Soviet/Russian prison folk. It deals with issues that would be familiar to the singers, such as life in forced labor camps, being imprisoned by an unfair justice system, etc. It’s kinda like Russian gangsta rap. What I’m saying is, those are some tough contractors.

    The specific song seems to be called “My First Love.” I tried to google it, but that’s the title of like half the songs in the genre.

    • OMG WUT!? Thank you so much for sharing that. I’m totally fascinated, and if I weren’t traveling this week I’d go disappearing down a google rabbit hole of shanson.

      This is one of those moments when I love the internet.

  4. I’d take that any day over the guy that lived below me in Boston next to the Conservatory. He suuuucked at playing the sax. He would play this awful new age music (at least I guess it was new age) and make squawking duck noises with the sax. Sometimes he’d do it at 3am.

  5. Sassy’s sherpa blanket! My son has and LOVES this blanket–from Fred Meyer?

  6. this makes me think of this movie which seems like it should be sad, but is EPIC.

  7. YOU HAVE A SUNSHINE BUDDY. I’ve never met (okay, we haven’t met, but still) another human who owns one. YR SO COOL.

  8. Omg this is awesome. The chill bobblehead was the best part (and Sassybarf).
    I love it when things like this happen…. and cue dramatic finger dancing!

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