Moving announcements devoid of flowery language and sentimentality

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1940s moving announcement sold by Rainy Day Dream Co on Etsy.

New address notices are so often overlooked even though they’re SO FUN to send. But most of them? They’re all floral la-dee-da and decorative words about the warmth of home — which is great, but that might not feel right for you. Take a look at these ideas for cheeky (HA!) and less-than-usual moving announcements for your next move.

Snark-central Some eCards has loads of pre-funnied notes, but when you can’t find something that fits they’ve also got user-made cards. Borrow someone else’s words or make your own — there are plenty of images to choose from if you want to announce your move without a trace of gravity.

Etsy’s got unusual stuff, like this moving boxes card by Paper Cut Invites. Smart. Devoid of emotion. Box-like.

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Do it yourself — and for FREEEEEE — by emailing a LOLcat.

What’s the best moving announcement idea you’ve had — or seen? Share in the comments!

Comments on Moving announcements devoid of flowery language and sentimentality

  1. I actually found a product on Offbeat Mama’s sponsored posts called Postcardly and used those for moving announcements! I just took a picture of me and the family on the front steps of our new house, and sent off quick emails to my friends and family at the end of a long moving day, and they received those emails and my picture as a physical postcard in their mail! So easy. And SO much less trouble than sifting through countless boxes for stamps and envelopes!

  2. I’m going to design our moving announcement cards. We’re moving onto a street called Nimbus drive. So I’M gonna draw each of us all chibi-deformed and cute flying in from either side. I’ll be riding a Nimbus 2000 (from Harry Potter) and my husband riding the Flying Nimbus (from Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z) because they’re the first things we thought of. Our friends will know they are just… us! Haha!

  3. Oh man, I have to admit we never even thought of sending out notifications. I mean, it makes total sense – we’re still (six months in) getting asked where we’re living now, have you moved yet, etc. But now… how late is too late to send out notices? And to whom should we send them? And will it sound like we’re asking for a house-warming gift or something? I don’t know the etiquette! gah!

    Maybe we will send out Halloween cards as an FYI….

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