Neo-Victorian beauty for the whole family

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Photos by Jude Mooney Photography.

Could this picture be more perfect?! The antique pram, dress with bustle, windswept prairie, beautiful mama and baby…Style to spare! Check out the full series and more information below….






These photos of the Webster family were taken by photographer Jude Mooney, who explains of the shoot, “I saw Amelia strolling around town with her big pram and approached her about making her portrait. I couldn’t resist. She provided all her own props and wardrobe…The hardest part of the shoot was fitting the gigantic pram into my Jeep!”




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  1. Yay my favorite gothey mama. And she always looks that amazing. She has also mastered the art of pushing a stroller one-handed while holding her parasol in the other. I was so pleased to find this on here!

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