Baby Catcher: Chronicles of a Modern Midwife

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baby_catcherThis book? Is awesome. I couldn’t put it down, in fact.

It’s the memoir of a woman who worked as a midwife her entire life and chronicles her experiences from nursing school to the end of her career.

She writes about how childbirth was approached when she was in nursing school during the early 1960s, how she found her passion for helping laboring women, and how that passion carried her through a long and fruitful midwifery practice.

This book encouraged me to a profound degree. When I read it, I was familiar with natural childbirth but it just sounded so exotic. Peggy’s recollections of the births she attended familiarized natural childbirth for me to the point where I could almost forget I grew up in America where childbirth is treated as a medical procedure.

I’d definitely recommend Baby Catcher if you are curious about natural childbirth, would like encouragement about bringing a child into the world, or if you just like reading about amazing women who pioneer practices that fly in the face of the medical establishment.

Full disclosure: No, I was not paid to review this book. I just really liked it and think some of you might enjoy it as well 🙂

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  1. The concept of natural childbirth seems like it should be so natural, and yet it is the view of most women in the United States now that it is impossible to have a baby without someone pushing chemicals into your spine. I find books that reveal the natural process can truly open your mind to the concept that we are actually made to do this. Not knocking doctors, because they are important, especially if there is a difficult pregnancy. Just saying it is nice to see some great information on the other options for women who are interested!

  2. I had an unintentional natural birthing experience. I had figured that I would most likely get the epidural because I'm a big wuss when it comes to pain. However, they didn't figure out I was actually in labor (due to some problems with the monitors not recording my contractions as actual contractions) until it was time to push. Now I can say I did it the natural way, and, while it was painful, once it was all over, the recovery time was much better. And there is a definite sense of accomplishment for having done it. I can do anything!

  3. I can second that the recovery time for my delivery w/out meds was much easier and faster than my delivery with meds. I'm thinking for the third one (whenever that is!) that I want to go w/out meds again.

  4. Peggy did a beautiful job with this book. As a L&D RN who cheers her patients on regardless of their choice of birthing method, I truly enjoyed these stories. They are both inspiring and at times paint a frighteningly realistic picture of the many turns and twists a birth can take, whether hospital or home-based.

  5. I gave birth in my vehicle, labor came on too fast, and it was honestly, the worst pain I’ve ever felt. I think that there are reasons we can now make something painful less so. A long time ago they also pulled teeth without anesthetic, that would be considered cruel now. When you are actually ripping open, then maybe natural isn’t always best IMHO. Out of two births, the one in the hospital was much calmer.

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