One super sweet monster/ugly doll/rainbow-themed kid’s birthday party

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Eryn, Laurie, and Izzie. All photos by Karina Picache Photography.

Eryn and Laurie recently shared photos from their daughter Izzie’s birthday that I am SO IN LOVE WITH. They’ve nicknamed their kiddo “Izzie Monster” and felt like a monster party would be the only way to really celebrate. Between the ball pit (kiddo pool + balls = instant kid fun) and coloring wall I think they most definitely did that.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this monster cake topper!

A lot of the party was DIY — Laurie drew the coloring wall and built the monster toss and pin-the-eye-on-the-monster game. Izzie’s Oma created all of the tissue paper flower centerpieces. Each guest was also sent home with a hand-made monster — complete with an adoption certificate to fill out.



You can see more photos at Eryn’s blog… and if you REALLY want to overdose on kiddo cuteness you can see all 200+ images at the family’s photobucket account.

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  1. I totally went for it and looked through ALL of the photobucket pictures. Izzie is just about the cutest baby ever and it looks like she is incredibly loved! Nothing makes me happier than a happy baby! Monsters are the best reappropriated kid stuff theme!

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