Monday Moment: an impractical nook turned design moment

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Friend of the Offbeat Empire, Drew, just moved into a new apartment. While he can’t offer up a complete home tour until he unpacks all his stuff, he was able to share this awesome moment.

This moment is in a little nook right off of his living room. The closet door on the right swings out too wide to set up anything too substantial, so Drew threw a vintage chair in the corner under a window and created this gallery wall of found prints.

One of my favorite things about this moment are his creative “flowers” that you can see sticking out of the red vase on the left.

Does anyone else have a practically unusable nook in their home in which they created something awesome?

Comments on Monday Moment: an impractical nook turned design moment

  1. Our nook isn’t done yet, but I have plans. I just recently got an heirloom hope chest that looks like it was made for the space and I will probably end up building a wall cabinet with distressed plexi for that shattered glass look so that it looks like a glass fronted cabinet but you won’t see all the board games and table top gaming crap I intend to put in there.

  2. We’ve got a nook–or maybe more of a niche–in our living room that we haven’t filled yet, but our plans are to (eventually!) find a cabinet for that space with lots of little drawers, like in the style of a Chinese apothecary cabinet or a library card catalog. Well put the little things we pick up when we travel as souvenirs, like the coral bits from a beach we went to on our honeymoon, along with little cards describing what they are and what the provenance is, to make our own cabinet of curiosities that we can poke through when we want to relive memories.

    (I have a degree in museum studies which hasn’t been beat out of me quite yet!)

    • Hi. This is actually my apartment, and I am wondering myself what made those shadows. They aren’t there now. Maybe the sun was coming in a right angles that day.

      HI MEGAN!

      • Yeah! It was the sun coming in from your living room windows in just the right way.

        Jessi, Drew promised me that he’d do a home tour for us, so hopefully you’ll get to see those pretty living room windows! 😉

  3. Looks lovely, but here’s a suggestion in case you want to put something larger there: Remove the door, and replace with a curtain and tension rod. I’ve removed a few doors from the house I’m renting now because they were such space hogs when being opened.

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