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Angel wings float: an epic, overwrought product review

I got a free FUNBOY Angel Wings float to review, so I took it out to a friend’s place on Lake Washington and did some very thorough testing of the product. Here are my thoughts…

Stop everything and look at this Cookie Monster bikini

Just look at it looking at you. It’s totally staring right into your cookie-slaying soul, and saying, “you know you need this in your life. You didn’t even know I existed until today, but now that you do… the whole world just seems to make sense again.”

The parent stays in the photo: part two

Yesterday we ran part one of photos featuring you guys and your parents. Since there were so many in the Flickr Pool we figured it made sense to split the posts into two. Without further ado, here’s part two!

Feeling comfortable in my own skin: I’ve birthed and breastfed two kids and I’m happy with my body

I have a bucket list. I keep it written in a little journal and I get it out and stare at it once in a while. Some of the items on there are big, lofty experiences that I hope to have one day. However, many of the things on that list are simple, personal experiences I want to achieve. This week, I got to cross one off the list: feeling comfortable in a bathing suit.