Use a mini teapot to water your indoor plants

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Do you have an indoor plant that needs a fair bit of watering? I have one and was getting frustrated come watering time. My outside watering can was too heavy-duty for it (water overload!). And, being that I’m a lazy jackass, I got sick of running back and forth from the kitchen to the plant with a measuring cup full of water. So I neglected it… a lot.

When I was gifted a very pretty — but very useless — mini teapot, I just set it on the table next to that plant for a nice pop of color in my living room and thought nothing else about it. And then one day, as I stared at my pretty but useless teapot next to my slowly dying house plant, a light bulb went off.

Fill that tea pot with water and use it to water the freaking plant!

Now everyone thinks, oh what a pretty teapot, it looks so pretty there. Little do they know it’s also the lazy person’s hack for easy indoor plant watering.

If no one’s gifting you cool mini teapots, you can get one on the cheap on Amazon.

Comments on Use a mini teapot to water your indoor plants

  1. That is a distinctly amazing idea which also solves the “my mini watering can is fugly” and the “I just saw an amazing teapot in Whittards this lunchtime” dilemmas. Yay! (And pay-day was Friday just gone so I can actually buy said new teapot 😀 )

  2. My laziness is, liek, times twelve.
    I have plants in my office, so anytime I get a cup of water to sip on, I leave some left and sit it in the window sill. I even combine cups when I get more water, just pour the leftovers in the first cup. When I get ready to leave for the day, I water my plants.
    Bee Tee Dubs? My heart aches for that teapot. WANT.

  3. I just started doing this the other day! 🙂 lol! I’m using a regular sized, but still very awesome tea pot to water my indoor plants. It was just sitting there on display when I realized it could have a purpose too. 🙂 It makes me so happy when I see other people come up with the same ideas that I’ve had! 🙂

  4. See, I had a similar idea with a nice looking watering can. I even spruced it up a bit with a cute vinyl sticker. And then one night, I left it full of water in the front hall so I could water the plants on my way out the door. It was the next morning that I learned that my pretty little watering can also makes an excellent cat toy. This is why I can’t have nice things. =(

    But hey, it still looks nice empty, even if I do still have to go fill it up every time.

  5. I totally do the same thing with a sort of…creamer…vessel…thing, shaped like an elephant. I really have no other use for it, considering I don’t actually know anyone who puts cream in their coffee anymore.

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