All about that time Offbeat Empire’s Megan Finley made her TV godmother ugly cry

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Megan and her mamas: her biological mom is wearing sunglasses.
While some of you may have been reading Offbeat Empire websites for YEARS, you might not realize that we have a veritable television star on staff. OH YES: years ago, Offbeat Empire Associate Publisher & Offbeat Home Managing Editor Megan Finley had a key role on Knots Landing as a baby who, among many other things I’m sure, has the fantastic ability to bring emotional women to their knees:

So the story of how I came to play “Erin Molly” on Knots Landing is SO very Los Angeles. My mother’s lamaze teacher ended up being hired as a the technical adviser for the Knots Landing lamaze scene. She called my mother, who was the first one of the lamaze class to have a baby, when she found out that casting was looking for a “pretty pink baby girl” to play Ginger and Kenny’s baby.

The show called me in for an audition, I apparently nailed it, as far as babies can nail ANY acting gig. My mother tells me that I was one of several Erin Mollys, but they ended up only using me after a while since I was apparently able to cry on cue. Or, as this video shows, make adults cry on cue!

Alas, after three seasons my TV mom “moved away from Knots Landing to pursue her singing career” and my acting career bit the dust. I’m totally hoping for a Knots Landing revival a la Dallas where I can resume my role as Erin Molly and cause more people to ugly cry.

Without further ado… here’s baby Megan. The ugly crying starts at about 1:23.

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    • So I got the skinny from my mom. Apparently ugly-crier’s husband had died and she hadn’t been dealing with her sad feels. That is until they asked her to be my god mother and what you see there is the moment she starts to process that her husband is really dead when she holds my newborn self.

      Baby Megan makes the feels come out.

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