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A letter to my goddaughter about religion

Agapi mou, I don’t know how much you understood about what your yaya and I were saying tonight. You seemed pretty into the cool new Barbie™ Theia Athena bought you. But even if you didn’t notice now, I imagine that one day you will have questions, so I wanted to address them — while some […]

All about that time Offbeat Empire’s Megan Finley made her TV godmother ugly cry

While some of you may have been reading Offbeat Empire websites for YEARS, you might not realize that we have a veritable television star on staff. OH YES: years ago, Offbeat Empire Associate Publisher & Offbeat Home Managing Editor Megan Finley had a key role on Knots Landing as a baby who, among many other things I’m sure, has the fantastic ability to bring emotional women to their knees

What kind of gifts can atheist godparents give at a christening?

My husband’s sister has just had her first baby, and they’ve asked him to be godfather; they understand that he’s a staunch atheist and will not be part of his niece’s religious education. All of the complexities there aside for a moment, here’s my question: what do my husband and I give her as a christening gift?

My son and his (four!) fairy godparents

What began as my own desire for Escher’s education turned into four people who were honored and utterly enthusiastic about being in his life.

How to be a Godless Godmother

I am an atheist punk, and have been since about the age of 12. My best friend, and mother of my godchild, is Christian. We respect each other’s viewpoints and have adopted each other as family, so it only made sense that when she got married and started procreating that I would be officially added to her new family – as the godmother.

How do you pick godparents/guardians for your child(ren)?

“How do you ask someone to take care of your children if you pass away, and how do you tell someone you haven’t chosen them?”