Gorgeous ganga: These marijuana floral arrangements are dope!

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All photos by Marianne Brown Photography
All photos by Marianne Brown Photography

Have you ever smoked pot, and while stoned thought, “Duuuude, what if we made marijuana floral arrangements out of these buds?” If you have, you’re going to flip the fuck out of these images from a styled shoot on our sister site Offbeat Bride.

If you haven’t, you will now…

marijuana floral arrangement
This entire place setting is accented with sprigs of marijuana… from the centerpiece to the napkin accents. And it’s breathtakingly gorgeous…



Not to be outdone by the table setting, the “bride and groom” (it was a styled shoot) rocked buds on their person and in their bouquet…


pot bouquet

Okay, but one more bonus photo that doesn’t have pot in it, but it will get you high on inspiration. Check out this amazing hair action…

amazing pastel purple hair

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