Move over chocolate: 3 ways to sneak fruit into your dessert

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Fruit dessert recipes as seen on @offbeathome #fruit #dessert
Photos and recipes by Bijoux & Bits

A lot of us are fruit lovers, but sometimes you end up defaulting to chocolate and caramel for your dessert desires. Who can blame you — they’re decadent as hell. But don’t forget how very awesome fruit desserts can be. Do ’em up savory or sweet, fruit is the MVP of desserts in my book.

Here are three of my favorite fruit dessert recipes to bring to parties or just for your own solo parties at home.

Fruit dessert recipes: Blueberry basil crisp as seen on @offbeathome #recipes
Blueberry basil crisp

This blueberry crisp has a couple of twists: a backhint of basil and a topping of warm lemon curd. This is definitely the easiest way to fruit up your dessert or breakfast. Or both. All the time.

Get the recipe here.

Fruit dessert recipes: Watergate Salad as seen on @offbeathome #recipes
Watergate Salad

Watergate Salad (not unlike this cherry pistachio salad) is one of those classically retro dishes you’d imagine filled with mini marshmallows at picnics. And you’re not wrong. Except for the marshmallows, which you can totally add in! Use this pistachio pineapple dip for cookies, crackers, more fruit, and anything else dippable.

Get the recipe here.

Fruit dessert recipes: Strawberry balsamic mascarpone recipe as seen on @offbeathome #strawberries #mascarpone
Strawberry balsamic mascarpone

Mascarpone is one of my favorite bases for desserts. It’s so creamy and mellow and blends perfectly with the balsamic strawberries in this dish. It’s that perfect blend of sweet, tart, and creamy. Try it, seriously.

Get the recipe here.

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