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Learn how to make your own (gluten free!) conversation hearts!  Photo via BraveTart.
Learn how to make your own (gluten free!) conversation hearts! Photo via BraveTart.

What do you want your little rainbow of hearts to say? Do you wish they were flavored differently, or spelled out secret messages? Do you want more vibrant colors? Now, Homies, is your chance — because we’ve got the skinny on how to make your very own.

Here’s more from Stella:

Conversation Hearts inevitably read like a series of drunken text messages from your ex on Valentine’s Day. SUP BABE. CALL ME. LUV U. L8R.

Yeah. Let’s just skip the conversation part. Well, that and writing tiny messages on little candy hearts is insanely difficult. If you really feel the need for your candy to communicate, try writing a single letter on each with a food decorating pen and playing a Valentine’s Day themed game of Scrabble.

I’m already dreaming up some flavors and messages, and I can’t wait to see what Homies come up with… when you make yours, share with us in the Flickr pool!

For the whole recipe and instructions, head over to BraveTart!

Comments on Make your own Conversation Hearts

  1. I want to make some that read “Valentine’s day kinda sucks, but I love you” or “I love you everyday, not just valentine’s day” or “let’s do it”

    Even though I’m not a huge valentines fan, these are pretty damn cute.

  2. In college in the ’90’s I used to scrape the letters off the store ones with a file and write on them. I bet you could still do that and skip a lots of steps!

    • You could probably also dissolve the ink with a dab of water from a cotton ball, then wait for them to dry. But making them yourself from scratch still sounds like fun. 🙂

  3. BraveTart! I love her so much. This is one of those happy moments when two of your favorite things converge, like the time I saw Weird Al tweet to Neil Gaiman.

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