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Is ugly produce your path to food budget bliss?

Is ugly produce your path to food budget bliss?

We all know there’s a big problem with food waste. So if you’re not the type to fuss too much about picking the perfect apple in the stack at the grocery store, a new food delivery service might be the solution for you AND for the environment. You may have already seen friends posting on social media about a company called Imperfect Produce, a CSA-style program that delivers just slightly bruised or weird-looking veggies to you. They’re still tasty, but just not quite as pretty as you may be used to.

Extreme couponing: how to get your grocery store to pay you to shop

My coworkers kept talking about “extreme couponing,” and how they were getting full carts of groceries for only a few dollars. I felt like everybody was in on this huge secret, until my coworkers directed me to a few websites.

Cooking Challenge Day 3 results: Blessed breakfast relief, and a lunch fail

Oh. My. Gawd. How amazing was it to wake up this morning and be able to eat immediately? It was MEGA amazing. I’m telling you, eating that bowl of granola cereal felt like a fucking vacation. Not because it was zomgtastey, or anything. I mean, it was — that granola is good. But it was just easy, and it gave me some time to relax in the morning. But lunch was a different story — actually, lunch was a similar story…

10 healthy eating hacks we use everyday

We have two growing boys who seem to shovel the food in their mouths most days. I’m not sure if you know this, but growing boys eat. They are also grazers. They like to graze through out the day so we have to supply them with healthy snacks otherwise they will graze upon whatever is available. Candy, sour milk, stale cookies they find hiding in the couch cushions, literally anything. So instead of letting them scavenge the couch cushions for breakfast, I’ve found that with a little prep work after a big shopping trip can be worth it.

Secrets of a grocery store clerk: How to grocery shop effectively

The number one thing I hear from customers is “I just came in here for one thing.” These are people with overflowing baskets, with $300 orders. Don’t make that mistake. Here is my guide to grocery shopping effectively.

Budget hacks for when you’re “broke as a joke”

I recently left a job that was making me miserable in favor of going to school to pursue my lifelong dream. The result has cut my family’s income by about 50%. With the life hacks we had in place, paired with new life hacks, we are keeping our heads above water and still keeping the smiles on our faces.

Set digital reminders to use your coupons

I was organizing my coupons today and getting rid of ones that have expired and making a mental note to use the ones that were going to expire soon. Except with me, “mental note” always translates to: “Oops, I totally forgot about that thing I was supposed to be making a mental note of.”

Then I had a baskets moment: why not set a reminder to use said coupons before their expiration date?

Let’s talk about reusable produce bags

I have been working on reducing my plastic use this year. I am wondering if anyone has recommendations for alternatives to plastic bags for produce and bulk shopping at grocery stores? Has anyone switched from those store-ready produce bags? If so, did the store give you any problems when checking out with your produce holders?