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Defying gender binaries with Alok Vaid-Menon — a gender non-conforming writer, performer, & fashion icon

Alok feels that the concepts of masculinity and femininity shouldn’t have relevance in this day and age. “We need to be much more colorful, expansive, and precise about what we mean rather than defaulting into ideological catchalls that do more harm than good,” he tells me.

Being that Alok is a person of color, I wonder if they feel that ethnicity/race ties into the equation in a meaningful way. Their reply is so profound that I’m still sort of reeling from it…

Disney + retro-futuristic decor meet in this time warp of a Dallas home

This amazing vintage-style piece of time capsule real estate is currently for sale in Dallas, Texas. And it has a special Disney twist!

I’ll let the real estate listing fill you in on this fascinating retro Disney house…

Get your kicks on this Americana-fueled road trip on Route 66

Technically, our trip was all of Route 66 (through: Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California), plus the driving it took to get us to the start — we came from Nate’s folks house; so, Ohio and Indiana. And then from California to Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois. We spent the better part of a month living out of our car and tent, traveling across America together.

Melinda and Paul talk marital teamwork, solo time, and commuting craziness in the Lone Star State

Since we got married we’ve both graduated — we’re Doctors now! We’ve almost moved a ton. Paul moved from Chicago to a town north of Houston and I followed shortly after I finished defending my thesis. Right now our lives are dominated by commuting. Paul commutes to his job at Texas A&M, and I commute to my job at the medical examiner’s office in central Houston. We drive… and drive… and drive.

Kaci and Roy: from a vintage junkyard wedding to producing cheerleading plays

We’ve continued to travel the world teaching and performing together. We’ve gone to countless new cities in the past four years, including Toronto, Seattle, Portland, Montreal, Orlando, Atlanta, Brighton, London, and Edinburgh. In Edinburgh we were on the High Street flyering for our show in make-up and costumes when we were recognized from our wedding video (posted on our Offbeat Bride profile), and that was pretty damn awesome. Roy had since quit his job at IBM and works part-time doing programming work and part-time working on the theater. He is much, much happier since he took the plunge to leave his 9-to-5.

The four-hour trip to the bank that reminded us about what was REALLY important

All the while we were dating, my (now) husband and I kept or finances completely separate, but after a long talk about money, we decided we at least needed access to each other’s bank accounts. My husband banks at Navy Federal Credit Union, and the nearest branch is four hours away. When we finally did make the trip to his bank, it was one that would change our lives and forever change our priorities.

Eclectic, contemporary, Dallas townhouse filled with art from around the world

f you’re decorating tastes are more on the eclectic, bohemian, artistic, and wordly side, you’re going to draw a LOT of inspiration from the interior of this contemporary Dallas townhouse that was recently on the market. I’m digging the kitchen cabinets something fierce.

Fuschia and black bathroom with the expanding shower

Let’s hear it for this daring bright pink and black bathroom in this Dallas, Texas home! I am loving the pink lacquered drawers with the white countertops and the black stone floor. But what really gets me about this bathroom is the expanding shower situation. FUCK YEAH, ACCESSIBILITY!