Because anyone should be able to be a princess AND Darth Vader at the same time

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I typed “Darth Vader costume” into Pinterest and this is what I got:

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Here’s a link to the original Craftster post where the photo appeared. This begs the question: how many of you are going to replicate this? More importantly: who’s going to take see this Darth Vader princess costume and raise it one Han Solo fairy outfit?

I mean seriously. I love the idea that any kid could hop into a tutu, grab his or her pink lightsaber, and throw on a Darth Vader mask and rule the day. This is the cutest thing I’ve seen since those two kids dressed as Leia and R2D2.

Comments on Because anyone should be able to be a princess AND Darth Vader at the same time

    • OMG at Geek Girl we should all be Darth Vader princesses, with different colored tiaras and accessories. We could each pick a color of the rainbow. WE WOULD RULE.

  1. This is soooooo my daughter all the way. My daughter ran around dressed in a Spiderman costume, sub princess crown for mask the other day. She’s also a big fan of her “Dark Fader” mask, and put it on in hopes that I would let her on the Airsoft range with her teenage brother “Because I’m wearing a mask and a helmet?”

  2. My 4 yo saw this and lost her mind. She and Daddy have a huge Star Wars love they share, they even play Lego Star Wars and sit down to watch all the Clone Wars together. So she has me show this to him and now we are planning a Daddy/Daughter Boba Fett and Princess Fett costumes for next year! Yes, we will take pics LOL!

    • Amelia just wrote verbatim what I was saying out loud to my computer screen!! This may very well be my favorite image I’ve ever seen on this blog and my daughter is so getting that costume!

  3. Perfection. I spent a year of my life pretending to be Luke Skywalker on the playground, and I once dressed up for Halloween as a princess witch, yet I was not genius enough to put them together.

  4. Now I’m going to have to think of other geek-tastic princess costumes for “future reference,” since the Spawn is only 19mo at the moment.

    … And it’ll give me time to level up my skill in tailoring!

  5. OMG! This is MY craftster post! Thanks for the love!

    I was totally inspired by booturtle’s original costume, and another variation I saw online. Basically my daughter’s favourite color is hot pink and she preferred it over pastel colors. So we decided to keep it as close to the regular ol’ vader as possible, while making it her style.

    Thank you 🙂

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