Did you leave your job and awesome health insurance when you got pregnant?

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My husband and I are in our early 30s and we really want to start a family. We got pregnant last August, but sadly had a miscarriage in October. Before becoming pregnant we decided that after the baby’s birth I would quit my job so I could finish my master’s and move on to a doctoral degree. I hate my current job (and I don’t use the word hate lightly!)… but it’s in the same universe as what I want to do, has really great pay, and awesome health insurance. On paper it’s an amazing job, but I find it wholly unsatisfying.

I have hit an emotional and physical wall. I want to try to get pregnant again but I also want to quit this job that is draining me of all I have. I can’t sleep, and my stress is through the roof. I know there are a lot of options for low-income women in California, but I can’t help but feel irresponsible by letting go of the good pay and the health insurance.

Has anyone out there in parent-land ever given up a great gig (and insurance) while pregnant? — Carrie

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  1. Yes. I did just that. I had a great job with a six figure salary. But I loathed it. So I quit just before the baby was born, knowing my husband’s insurance would cover the birth. My plan was to go back to school full time ( for a completely different career) when the baby was about 9 months. But about a month before I was to start, we discovered I was expecting twins… So, plans change. I still talk to my old coworkers who can’t help but tell me about the old office. I always think I’m so glad I’m not there. Money has been an adjustment, but that was expected. My only challenge now is figuring when I will actually be able to go back to school…

  2. I gave up my awesome job and insurance to move across the country for my husband to go back to school to get his masters. Only to find out 3 weeks after moving that we were pregnant. The way we found out was not great – infact it landed me in the hospital with out any current coverage right in the middle of a 2 week window from were my old insurance left off and our student insurance kicked in. I wound up not going back to work (after puking mid interview – which I had til that moment) and my hubby did both school and a part time job to get by. We did wind up on public medical assistance because the new insurance called my pregnancy a pre existing condition. That in itself was very very stressful applying and getting approved ect. But once we were there I found local midwives who didn’t take any money from me just my state aide and were most helpful through my pregnancy. Even got us into the genetic counselor for special ultra sounds at no cost for us. The state also covered that first trip to the er when we found out. All in all it worked out for the best. With in a 6 mo after my daughters birth and my health returned, life went on and we both worked part time and got insurance through our jobs and kept our baby out of day care. I support health care reform because no one should have the worry of health care when sick. It really sucks.

  3. Well I just have to say that you definately have a hard decision to make, or anyone else in this situation for that matter. Living in Canada, and having health coverage through the government, I have never had to even think about the insurance issue. I would however be torn about losing the income from a job if I felt I needed to leave my workplace. If I could financially handle things without my job and I did not get anything out of my job, I would do it in a heartbeat.Good luck!

  4. I am 8 weeks and 5 days pregnant and my work has already started taking a toll on me. I am an HR-Officer despite which I am not being able to handle the cold shoulders. I have been going through the same dilemma…. I took time to read through all the comments ! And my pay and benefits are also quite handsome, but my boss is repeatedly asking me to quit. She is trying to sound as if she is only concerned about my health and the baby, but it is getting me stressed cause on the other hand she is asking me to work on weekends and for longer hours. I really wanted to complete my graduate studies but with a baby on the way is it a good time to quit and go for my further education? 🙁

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