A soothing laundry room makeover — guys, it’s like a SPA in here!

Guest post by Elisa and Ryan

When one thinks about the easiest room in her or his house to makeover which is it? The bathroom? Guest room? Mudroom?

I gotta say we totally hit the mark on this one; I could do laundry ALL DAY.

But you wanna see our favorite part?

Laundry Room Makeover

How’d you get in there, you sneaky little striped wall?

We agreed: what better thing to do with a completely blank wall than add STRIPES? I was afraid of adding art since it’s already a small room and I had visions of bumping my big ass into anything on the wall as I swapped laundry.
Laundry Room Makeover

We’re in love.

Although we can’t forget what inspired us:
Laundry Room Makeover

This is Lily’s room and that amazing table I pulled out from the dumpster (who would desert such a thing?!) was our whole-room inspiration. A calm blue (with a little stripey funk) and clean white.

Laundry Room Makeover

Laundry Room Makeover

We can’t belive this is what the laundry room looked like just a week ago:
Laundry Room Makeover

Which is now:
Laundry Room Makeover

The laundry room keeps calling my name — Bring me moar dirty clothes!! Rawr rawr rawr! (I can only presume the laundry room has an attitude.)
Laundry Room Makeover

Mmm, soothalicious.

Comments on A soothing laundry room makeover — guys, it’s like a SPA in here!

    • Serious leveling was involved. One person holds the level and one person lays down painter’s tape — although I did do one by myself and it basically involved me holding the level with my forehead. Not pretty, hah.

      • That sounds like me doing DIY! The number of times I’ve been holding a tape measure in my teeth to measure something balanced on my head because one hand has the other end of the tape and the other was stopping the whole lot falling on me…

        Ok so that only happened once but similar situations are common.

    • Lasers. Oh, lasers. So key.
      I know an interior designer who did a stairwell with grey stripes on a white wall… ALL THE WAY AROUND. So every line had to match up, all the way up the stairs. Laser levels saved the day.

  1. I imagine my laundry rooms to do list looks a little like this:
    [ ]Cough up dog hair on dad’s pants
    [ ]Cuddle with em doggy friends
    [ ]Chug Tide, chase with Downy
    [ ]Wash, Rinse, Repeat
    [ ]Keep a balanced diet of socks and baby clothes

  2. Oh and you don’t even need an indoor waterfall for the soothing water noises, set up a bean bag in the corner and it’s naptime till the load is done! So when can I come by with my laundry?

  3. Hmm. I now think I want to paint stripes on one wall in my bathroom. I used a similar blue for the office/studio and it’s going in the bathroom. Soon, I hope!
    Sadly my laundry room is the unfinished basement full of stuff. May have to find a way to make it less icky though.

  4. My laundry is screaming out for a makeover, it’s stuck in the 50’s (but not in a good way) And i looooooove doing laundry so i really should take better care of it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Love it! It didn’t even look that bad to start with but now it’s super-awesome. I was looking at the second picture and thought, “oh well of course if you add that cool mosaic table” and then realized it was in the first picture too, but I didn’t even notice it because of all the other stuff and the lighting. Even the washer and dryer look better in the laundry spa! 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

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