Garbage lamp is made of garbage

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Artist David Batchelor makes sculptural installations from objects found in the streets of London, hollowed, stacked, and given a new life as empty but brightly coloured light boxes or as unlit composites.

David Batchelor gathers up junk from the streets and makes them into glowing sculptures. So glowy! They’re designed so that the lights are bright enough that one can’t tell what the objects are, when lit. I want to take some of our old electronics and give them this treatment.

Via Saatchi Gallery.

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  1. This reminds me of the documentary called Waste Land, by the artist Vik Muniz. Really amazing film. He enlists the help of some local Brazilian “pickers”, whose jobs are to sift through the landfill and pull out recyclable materials. Vik then turns the recyclable material into huge (like warehouse sized) portraits of the workers who helped.

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