Kitsch-stuffed and happy mix-matched island-color home

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Welcome to the happy cottage of Flickr user devotedsatellite! She didn’t have time to give us a tour herself, but I couldn’t let this house go unnoticed. Luckily, it’s jam-packed with cool stuff to look at, and the photos mostly speak for themselves.

sweet potato plant takes over!

Devotedsatellite learned the hard way this year that sweet potato plants WILL take over your front lawn.

front porch

I’ve been fantasizing over front doors lately, and everything about this one is a beaut. Would buy immediately.

orange red door.

Come on inside!

cozy vintage halloween living room

Reclaimed wood coffee table? A SIX sided couch? And is that a hanging chair I see?

anthropologie knotted melati hanging chair

Of course it is. Consider my home envy officially ignited.

indian maiden prints & horse t.v. lamp

living room

Doesn’t her living room look like a set for Arsenic and Old Lace?

vintage living room

Oh, for the built-in cabinets that were chic in the ’20s to come back into vogue! I need a place to store my harp!


yellow living room

Awesome painting.

haeger red matador and bull


music & western room

Devotedsatellite calls this the “music and western room.” Awesome. It’s got a load of handmade STUFF, made in…

sewing area

…Devotedsatellite’s sewing room! It’s like an elegant ladies’ dressing area, but for making things.

vintage purse collection…

Paintings, a purse collection, fabric remnants.

corner of craft room

Lots of storage. I think this is my favorite photo of her house.

mary and marty

Let’s jaunt to the kitchen, shall we? On our way, we’ll pop our head into the bedroom…

peacock bedspread

And admire the incredible handiwork of that gnarly duvet. It seems to match the entirety of the house!

Okay. To the kitchen!

kitchen centerpiece.

some of my kitchen deer

from the garden

Devotedsatellite also has an ample garden — but get a load of that red tile on her counter top!

kitchen cabinets

corner of kitchen

vintage yellow snail planter

1950 tappan deluxe vintage stove

This is really the pièce de résistance: Devotedsatellite’s 1950 tappan deluxe vintage stove, which she bought used (clearly) and uses.

vintage stove lights


My eyes need a break. You guys have the bridge.

Comments on Kitsch-stuffed and happy mix-matched island-color home

  1. The brights give it an energetically cozy feel! Like you could just plop you and your craft pile anywhere, work away and then take a nap when the cat insists by laying on top of said craft pile. We’re painting our front door in Behr’s Volcanic Blast orange while the house is still beige, so this door is AMAZING to me!!!

  2. That stool in the kitchen! Every southern child has a memory of sitting on a stool exactly like that in their grandparents’ house, shucking corn/snapping beans/peeling potatoes.

    • Not just southern children! My husband’s family had one in their home growing up as well (they’re from Manitoba and Northern Ontario). We found one recently and refinished it to a lovely soft yellow and we love it!

  3. ER. MA. GERD.

    Would it be wrong of me to show up on her doorstep and ask to live in her Home of All The Awesome?

    …would it still be wrong if I brought cake?

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