What kind of comics can I share with a four-year-old?

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Meredith sent us a question about comic books — are there comics out there for kids that aren’t overly cartoony?

Comic Books I’m not the biggest comic book reader, but I have been reading the Buffy the Vampire Slayer season eight comics after being a long-time fan of the television show.

My four-year-old has expressed interest in the series, but I feel like the comics are a little over his head.

Have any comic enthusiasts found a few kid-friendly series? I’m not interested in cartoon comics, but would like something that’s fun to look at without being graphic or suggestive.

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  1. BAHAHAH. I totally didn’t read all of the comments! I guess great minds think alike, Jackie. 😉 Rock on. Well, that’s 2 votes for Archaia!

  2. I love this thread!
    My two year old step daughter just found my comic collection and she seems really into them. I have nothing really “kid friendly” at all. But I’ll read/show what ever one she brings to me, and she loves the scary ones best..the more rotting zombies, the more into she is. But we never make it through a whole book because there are lots of words, the stories are complicated and i have to add things like “said batman” and describe the scene to make sure she’s following what happens….

    It’s great to see suggestions for stuff that younger children might actually be able to follow and enjoy more than the big kid stuff! If you go to your local comic shop, there’s usually a section that’s geared toward smaller kids too that you can browse and pick out something you think you’d both like.

  3. Not so much comic books, but comic strip collections are great for kids I.E, Krazy Kat,Asterix,Conchi.Lil Nemo.
    Tin Tin Graphic novels also and come to think of it there’s a ton of Great Uncle Scrooge comic books with real plots to them also.

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