My dream house: Dick Clark’s Flintstone’s-style Malibu retreat

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Move over Snow White’s tiki-style bungalow, because the newest installation of “amazing dream homes that have popped up on the market that Megan could never afford” is Dick Clark’s Malibu retreat that looks like a Flintstones cartoon home come to life — in the best way! See it nestled there, nestled high atop a mountain on over 22 freaking acres of Malibu ocean-view land? Wait until you see the inside of this baby…

Oh hai, check out my living room that looks like it’s carved out of mother fucking ROCK. What’s that? You know… it’s just my breathtaking ocean view out of those super huge accordion-style windows. That’s pretty awesome. Wanna see the rest of the house?

BOOM! More crazy cave-like spaces. Shit, even the table looks like it’s made of stone. Oh this house, why can’t you be mine already?

I mean, yes, you’re a $3,500,000 one bedroom two bath home, that looks bereft of a bedroom door. But I would live in your so hard!!!

Speaking of hard, how do you reckon you open these kitchen cabinets and drawers? Oh, who cares — I never cook anything anyway — dream house, I love you!

Check out more of the home’s Flintstone-y features, including it’s amazing views, in both ocean and mountain:

The last time I asked this question I we got a LOT of amazing responses, so I can’t wait to see what else y’all come up with this time: anyone else have a totally wacky dream home (currently on the market or not)?


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  1. I just love the concealed lighting. I think any house could look amazing with tons of concealed lights. Well alright, not as awesome as THIS house, but still…. I’ll dream small for now. 🙂

    • My husband and I have schemed for years for a way to get this house (or the lovely little stone cottage-y house that is caddy-corner to it that always seems to be for sale- I say it’s haunted). I have loved this house my entire life. I remember asking my dad when I was a wee child if it was a space ship.

      • The longer I live here and collect stories, the more I believe all of Albuquerque is haunted! Yes, we have often said that the only thing that might beat living in “The Spaceship” would be living in one of the more easily managed houses around it, where it would be visible from our windows 🙂

  2. Wow, I thought I was the only one who likes looking at mansions and castles and stuff. I used to check out the real estate on ebay whenever I was having a bad day, then search by “most expensive.” MANSIONS AND CASTLES. CASTLES.

    I don’t have any favorites at the moment because I haven’t looked in a while – although there is this GIANT SAND CASTLE in my real life neighborhood that I WANT TO TOUR SO BADLY – but I am so excited to be looking at everybody else’s favorites, you have no idea!

    … oh, wait, there’s an incomplete review with some photos here:


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