A pink room in Russia on January 1 and a hot pot of stewing bison meat in this week’s reader photos

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HELLO, HOMIES! I’ve missed you over the weekend! Let’s get the week going with a look at what’s been going on with photos from the Offbeat Home Flickr pool and things we’ve pinned via the Offbeat Home Pinterest account.

Bison chili kitchen-sink stew thing simmering away We saw a funny looking house. BBQ Jackfruit The hole the BPC left behind Mi escritorio

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Comments on A pink room in Russia on January 1 and a hot pot of stewing bison meat in this week’s reader photos

  1. I think the multi-eaved house in Japan is a way to ward off ghosts. I think I read that in an article somewhere a long time ago and a galaxy far, far away.

  2. In a bit of a pink mood, are we? Trust OBH to brighten up January. 😉

    Googling “stuff to put in the toilet before you poop” – eh? Pourquoi?

  3. My want to paint my bedroom grows with each week’s Monday Montage. DAMN YOU SALAZAR!

  4. From my daugher-of-a-contractor viewpoint, the Japanese eaves look like a massive DIY effort — notice that they’re all more-or-less over windows or doors? If they were having massive rainwater rushing off the roof or issues with their overhang not being long enough, this could be their fix. The nesting effect could be because each piece wasn’t quite long enough to cover what they needed (the peaks look pre-fab). It also looks like there’s some foam insulation tacked on beneath them.

    …can you imagine how AMAZING it looks with water rushing over it?

  5. Every Monday I wish I had taken pics of my place to share, but we’re already gearing up for an early spring move. Alas, next time.

    Love that pink table 😀

    • Ha! I like that sentiment, though. Looking forward to seeing your photos once you get settled.

  6. Love that pink desk and the room is just so dreamy! It looks so summery to. Just what I need while its so grey outside.

    My first thought on the eaves is that it could be to encourage birds like swallows to nest? But what Amy said sounds more likely.
    Really want to try bison. It looks very tasty. 🙂

  7. Did an offbeat reader get the chair? I saw that there was some interest in that on the comments of the pink chair post!

  8. Poo-Pourri is fantastic! My sensitive nose can’t handle the sprays and whatnot that people typically use to get rid of bathroom smells, but Poo-Pourri uses essential oils so it’s totally okay! I’m only familiar with the original, citrusy-scented one.

  9. Oh, and when I was a kid I used to imagine converting my school bus into a home (and my school into a giant mansion)! I daydreamed a lot. 🙂

  10. I can’t help wanting to see the pink chair being replaced, that empty space is calling out (to me) that it needs filling.

    Also, that Up house is fantastic!

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