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6 foraging tips for free and adventurous eating

Why would you forage when you can just go the grocery store? Because foraged food is free! It’s also fun to go on an adventure looking for food while getting some fresh air and exercise.

Sex, death, and recycling: Lessons learned growing up on a homestead farm

Nowadays, homesteading is a cool new trend for city folks to “get back to nature.” I want to encourage those of you interested in homesteading to give it a go! I spent my whole life on a homestead, before it was something trendy. Here are the things I learned from growing up on a homestead farm…

I ate cicadas today — or as I like to call them, “sky lobsters”

I easily gathered eight cicadas while going about my morning chores on Thursday, and I popped them all into the freezer so they would perish quickly and then be ready for a lunch taste test. A couple hours later I cooked ’em up and I served them to myself. I ate giant bugs…and you won’t believe what luxury food they taste like!

A recipe for squirrel melts: You MUST try them!

I love the philosophy of wild food, eating what's present around you. So let's keep this in mind as we learn from this nice blond midwestern mom about how to make our families happy with a delicious and easy squirrel melt!

After all, why not squirrel melts?!

A pink room in Russia on January 1 and a hot pot of stewing bison meat in this week’s reader photos

Start your week with our collection of interesting articles on the web and photos from our readers. This week: a couple images of wild and foraged food and a link to detailed photos from inside a house based on Up! In these Clicky Links you’ll find lots of sites to waste a little time on.

Click through, too, to find our links on submitting YOUR stuff to Offbeat Home!

Mooseloaf with potatoes and a spinach salad

Mooseloaf with a side of buttery Greek yogurt mashed potatoes and a fresh salad sounds like a dinner you can brag about tomorrow. Maybe bring leftovers to work. Casually mention it at lunchtime. We have the recipe to get you started.

Giving up groceries: How we cut supermarkets, restaurants, and convenience stores from our diet

My husband and I gave up buying food from chains. Now we grow much of our food and buy the rest locally — and it wasn’t that hard.

I like to eat Wild: where can I find elk and deer meat if my CSA doesn’t carry it?

I like to eat elk and deer over pork and steer, but I’m running into trouble. Some of my friends think it’s barbaric, and it’s really hard to find. Help me, Homies!