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Take a virtual trip around the world with this open-ended, world-traveling honeymoon

We both LOVE to travel, over the course of our relationship we’ve gone on a number of international hosteling/backpacking trips together. We’d been joking about going around the world, but when we found out that Alex would be getting laid off the same week that Sara would finish grad school it seemed like the perfect opportunity to actually do it!

Inviting, eclectic, colorful, comfortable, and ever-evolving: our home in Jakarta, Indonesia

You heard about how Samantha and Ryan made their brave move to Jakarta. Then you (okay, WE) demanded a home tour. Wish granted! It’s colorful, art-filled, and full of GREAT tips if you too are thinking of making the move to Indonesia.

How to make a cherry pie without an oven… in Japan

Recently I got it in my head that it would be pretty dang neat if I could make a cherry pie and give it to a friend as a birthday present. However, there was one slight problem with this grand idea: my apartment, like many Japanese apartments, doesn’t have an oven. My kitchen consists of a sink and two burners. That’s it. I don’t even have a counter.

So, how does a girl make a cherry pie when she doesn’t have an oven? Allow me to show you…

Beijing’s tiny underground apartments that house millions

Did you know millions of people in Beijing live in tiny underground apartments built into subterranean apartment blocks and air raid tunnels under the city?

Look through Sim Chi Vin’s photo essay to meet a mother with an eight month old baby, twentysomethings saving on rent by living underground, and people who are woefully underemployed — all living in 10’x10′ boxes.

A Tokyo apartment building with removable units straight outta The Fifth Element

Apartment hunters, meet the Nakagin Capsule highrise apartment building in Tokyo.

The 140-unit apartment building, built in 1972, has fallen into disrepair and faces demolition. It’s a tragic building: its innovative modular design has led to its neglect.

I want this mustached juice machine man

He is genius. Pop him in a fat orange, turn the handle (to rip up the fruit’s precious guts…it’s hard for me to stop anthropomorphizing) and sip!

Mmmmmm, orange guts!

How to consume ethically: reducing and recycling electronics and home goods

Recently we discussed Lolly’s question about how to consume ethically. Here’s what we came up with.

Moral dilemma of a first worlder: Let’s talk about the ethics of the goods we buy

What with recent events in the news about Foxconn, the Chinese company that produces gadgets for Apple, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, and others, I’ve started to sit down and wonder if I really want to be purchasing products that were made by people living and working in poor conditions. But I need tech. What do I do?