Darth Vader can be helpful in the kitchen

Updated Oct 12 2015
Dark Side of our kitchen
Thanks to Allison from Mod Mischief for uploading this photo to the Offbeat Home Flickr pool!

I can't even explain the face I made when I saw Allison's kitchen utensil holder. It's probably the face you're making right now seeing her supplies that live in this Darth Vader Halloween bucket! I love how all the utensils are red and black — how very Dark Side of them.

Speaking of the Dark Side: as an added bonus, here's Allison's Death Star clock:

Death Star clock

  1. LOVE IT! I actually have Darth Vader in my bathroom – Hubs has an old Darth Vader bust that holds…something (matchbox cars, maybe?) from his childhood. We have a shelf over the toilet, and he sits there, watching all the boys pee.

    • Ha! Darth Vader lives in our bathroom, too… along with others. The previous owners left some floating shelves, so all the Star Wars action figures became a decorative action scene. I think right now Vader, Luke, and a Stormtrooper are doing a matching dance routine while Boba Fett points a gun at Threepio and R2.

      • Why do we not have pictures of this bathroom Star Wars "moment" for our Monday Moments segment!?? Rectify this! 😉

  2. We have a Han action figure sitting on our bathroom counter watching the toilet and Leia on our downstairs living room window sill 😀

  3. Where did that awesome Deathstar clock come from? My fiance saw it and had a heart-attack lol he really wants one! C: Great post, we're definitely a sci-fi home!

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