A Japanese house built especially for cats — and cat ladies

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Cat shelves are nothing new — whether folks build little window ledges or whole series of perches along the wall, it’s been done. What I HAVEN’T seen, though, is this: Dornob’s feature on a Japanese house designed as much for kitties as for humans.

Architects Key Operation designed the home with cat portals, kitty-only windows, and special shelves so cats can make the most of the home’s vertical space.

Click through to Dornob to see even more of this gorgeous, sunny house.

Comments on A Japanese house built especially for cats — and cat ladies

  1. I really love the idea of small shelves scattered throughout a wall to allow cats to jump up. I discovered the idea on Animal Planet’s “My Cat From Hell” and realized my own cat NEEDS these. I rent and am not allowed to put any up, but my goal is to move into a place where I can.

  2. I love the idea of shelves for cats. I have a lot of vertical space in my home, and two 9-month-old Savannah cats who love to climb. Now I have some good ideas!

  3. heh I went to a cafe in Tokyo that was very much like this. You basically paid $15 to sit in an apartment surrounded by 20 cats while drinking tea. It was very surreal.

    • We used to have “cat cafe” day at our local animal shelter where we would do something similar. You give a love offering to go drink coffee in a room filled to the brim with kittens. It was heavenly for a couple of cat-crazy girls who lived in a pets-free dorm.

  4. Love the idea! I’m sure this helps keeping a cat fit and happy. But I already have some shelves with breakable items on it, and I am pretty positive that sadly, I won’t be able to teach my clumsy cat the difference between authorized shelves and “no-go” shelves.

      • Another idea may be to cover approved shelves with sisal, scrap carpet or cardboard. Cats naturally like to touch and claw those materials, so they’ll be more likely to gravitate toward okay shelves. So you’re hittin’ it from two fronts–pleasant to touch shelves are okay, stinky orange shelves are not okay.

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