Have old Nintendo games? Make them into a fancy geek urinal

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Does anyone have a urinal in their home? I’d imagine some of you have bidets, but if you’re feeling trapped with just a porcelain toilet, here’s a legit excuse to make an upgrade in your bathroom. How to Build a Video Game Urinal. Just be sure you only pee on the cheap games — oh hey! A handy list! — or at least only the crappy sports games that aren’t Techmo Bowl.

Oh, and if you want to build a potty, the link has very detailed directions.

So, nerd in the bathroom. Beyond buying Yoshi soap and short of installing a game console, I’d love to see other gamer bathroom updates. Maybe even the gamer equivalent of the Star Wars tile job? It seems like the old school 8-bit games would translate perfectly into tiles — remember how easy the Tetris Wall looked?

Comments on Have old Nintendo games? Make them into a fancy geek urinal

  1. It’s not game-related, but my fiance did build a urinal out of a scuba bottle. It’s hanging on the wall in the garage right next to the beer fridge. yes, we’re those people.

  2. I lived with a buddy for quite some time in his basement and in the basement bathroom was nothing but a urinal and a sink. I took many trips up and down the stairs to use an actual restroom but also mastered the art of drunken urinal use. I guess I should also mention that there were no steps from the basement to the upstairs inside so every trip to the bathroom meant going up the stairs outside and running through the house to get to the restroom.

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