Happy autumn harvest celebration, everyone!

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BLINGEE MEEEEHomies, we have a nice little community here. We brainstorm solutions to problems, share fantasies, debate, and educate. I want to take a second to be grateful for my online family, of which you are a large part. We can’t share a meal this week and we probably won’t be sending each other Winter Holiday Greetings, but I can still say, “Hi everybody. It’s so nice to put this site together for you.”

Here are some of the posts which have hosted some of the most enlightening conversations this year.

And really, the best thing you can do if you don’t already read our comments is to start joining in. Every day I am happily surprised by a comment someone leaves or a little mini-discussion that happens. And last week? We talked about giant guinea pigs and capybaras and there were VIDEOS. I really do love the internet, and I really do feel lucky that this job makes it possible for me to spend most of my days talking to people online, writing, and curating content.

I’m sorry I’m so sappy. This time next year it’ll seem like old news and I’ll be sick of all of you, so I’ll just post photos of my friends butchering their own turkey or something.

Happy Thanksgiving. <3

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  1. I think now’s the time to show myself as the true offbeat empire fangirl I am and sing Ariel’s appreciation song: “I appreciate youuuu and all that you dooooo, I know you appreciate me toooo…” Happy Thanksgiving Cat!

  2. The best thing about the Offbeat Empire (and internet in general) is it makes me feel a little lesss lonely…knowing that there’s other people put there thinking along the same lines 🙂
    Especially Cat and Ariel. Yous guys are fucking awesome 😀

  3. Oh yay! I loves me some Offbeat Empire. I love how it’s grown from Offbeat Bride (which I happened across while doing research for my friend (which she ignored – bah)) to this big, weird, lovely bunch of people n’ posts n’ clicky links. I’ve found so much cool stuff through the OB.
    Warm fuzzies all around!

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