Hang powerstrips under your desk to keep away the dust bunnies & real bunnies

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Thanks to Alison Headley at I Could Make That for highlighting this great idea from Martha Stewart:

Keep power bars off the floor and out of dust bunny hands with this idea. A couple screw hooks and a basket and voila! No more furballs around the power bar.

Comments on Hang powerstrips under your desk to keep away the dust bunnies & real bunnies

  1. I’m definitely going to do this, but not for the dust reasons (that’ll just be an awesome perk!). It’ll keep the cords off the floor so i don’t have to block off my computer desk from my bunny anymore! No more cords on the floor! So much winning.

  2. I would love this idea if I could find a basket big enough and hooks strong enough to hold onto my old-school surge protector/emergency power box (to let me save my computer files before turning off my ancient desktop). Right now it sits on a wood shelf piece on the floor (so it’s not on the carpet). This will work for my laptop and all my charging cords, though! And then I can turn the whole strip off to save electricity. 🙂

  3. You can do this without a basket too! For boards that don’t have a lot of pressure or movement, turn the board upside down so that the flat bit is flush against the underside of your table and screw or nail in 4 screws or nails (2 to each side so that the heads of the screws or nails support the board). Or you can screw hooks directly into the table (minimum 2) and run your cords through both of the hooks so that the board hangs down. We use both, but I’m totally stealing the baskets idea for the cords which are constantly getting plugged and unplugged!

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