What are your Halloween costumes this year?

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meggyfin does Steampunk Princess Bubblegum

Last Halloween, I was finally able to unveil my costume that took me all year to put together: Steampunk Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time — based on this drawing. (If you’re interested, here’s how I pulled off the entire costume without sewing anything.)

This year, I’m continuing on with the Adventure Time Halloween theme, but with a LOT less preparation. I’m going to a Halloween-themed dance club night and an alien-themed Halloween party. This means my costume needs to be light and danceable, but also fit into the space alien theme (so I didn’t have to buy two costumes). I also have purple hair this year, and I didn’t want to sweat it out in a wig. So… the obvious answer became…

lumpy space princess glassesLUMPY SPACE PRINCESS!

I already had the purple hair, and a purple dress, so the only thing left to do was snag these glasses and — oh my glob — I had a $12 costume!

Now I want to know what YOU guys came up with. Adding photos to our Flickr pool, so we can all see, is an added bonus. What’s your Halloween costume this year?

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  1. I’m not really dressing up, but the toddler is Princess Bubblegum this year. We used a dress she already had, and I made her a hair/crown hat with some fleece I had lying around. It’s only slightly too small for her head (measure twice cut once blah blah blah). SUCK IT MOMS OF PINTEREST.


    • Yes! Moms who spend more time on their kids’ costumes than on theirs! My daughter is an Egyptian princess (kinda…was going to be Isis but I didn’t have the energy to sew and paint wing sleeves for her, so…pillowcase dress and Egyptian necklace design sewed onto a bib it is…), while I will be wearing my kitty ears that happen to perfectly coordinate with a tan/brown/cream patterned cardigan I have. It’s the weirdest coincidence that they match so well, but they do.

      For my husband, I have an equally lazy costume: whether he likes it or not, he’s wearing bunny ears I’ve had floating around for years, plus a nametag I made that says “E. BUNNY is out of the office until spring. Please check in with the Great Pumpkin.” Essentially, he can run around in pjs if he feels like it, and it still counts as a legitimate costume. It’s comfy and it’s inexpensive. Aka, I used only stuff I had on hand. (For all of our costumes, actually…)

      • PS: I will probably wear the same costume next year, and lengthen the hem on my daughter’s dress so that she can be from some other ancient civilisation. Why? Because I’m lazy and she could probably be a Roman or a Greek or something. Maybe I’ll be ambitious and make her a caryatid. Could be fun making a column hat for her…at least, until she keeps ripping it off her head…

  2. We’re going with an Empire Strikes Back theme. I crocheted a Yoda beanie for my 7 month old and my husband is going as Luke and he’ll have Yoda on his back in a carrier like when Yoda was training Luke. I’m going as R2, mainly because he was the only other one on Dagobah. It was either him or ghost of Obi Wan or spector of Darth Vader.

  3. I crocheted the pink rabbit ears hat that Louise from Bob’s Burgers wears and I have a green tshirt “dress” from old navy. I don’t really have any opportunity to wear them this year, but I’m hoping to get home from work in time to change and still greet some trick or treaters at our door. So excited too since this is the first year we actually get kids since our old house was on a busy, sidewalk-less street.

    • Where did you get the pattern for Louise ears? When I went as Louise (also with an Old Navy dress, now that I think about it), we ended up sewing fleece ears over a rabbit headband and without a sewing machine that was not fun.

      • I kinda made it up as I went. I loosely based the hat part on aviator hats since Louise has the ear flaps. Then my husband had some electrical wire that happened to have a pinkish coat to it that I used to form the ears and make sure they stood up. I single crocheted over the wire a few rows, bent the wire into ear shape and then connected the rows by making a seam in the middle of the ear (does that even make any sense??) Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out a way to cover the wires up/pad them a little on the inside of the hat since they still poke my skull if the hat get crooked. I was hoping that crocheting over them would pad them enough, but Friday proved me wrong. I saw on the inter webs that people used pipe cleaners to form the ear shapes but I felt that would be too prone to bending for my tastes/storing habits.

  4. My husband and I were thinking of going as “Brony” Stinson and Robin “Twilight” Sparkles. Yes people, that is a cross between MLP and HIMYM characters! BUT I procrastinated too much on making my ears and horn, so this might be pushed back to next year (or next convention). So for the party tonight, it’s goign to be our trusty Alice and the Mad Hatter duo. 😉

  5. I’ll upload a photo later when I actually go out, but I’m going to be… Hello (not a) Kitty!

    Pink skirt, white top with a big glittery pink X on it. Made my own white kitten ears with pink bow. I’m pretty excited.

  6. We’re doing a family-themed costume this year: characters from Up! My daughter is Russell, my husband is Carl, and I am Kevin (the bird). A stuffed dog wearing a “cone of shame” is Dug.

    Russell and Carl’s costumes were the easiest, as they are mostly made up of pre-existing pieces. My bird costume has been a work in progress for some time now (am still working on it to be honest). There’s a good chance it will be too miserable to actually wear the costumes trick-or-treating, in which case I will be donning a sparkling beret and my daughter will wear a pink poodle suit.

  7. The current plan is The Bride of Frankenstein (or the bride of Frankenstein’s monster, as some of you will point out… 😉 )
    The Halloween party I’m going to was postponed until next weekend, though, so who knows what I’ll come up with between now and then!

  8. My son is going as Spiderman, though he’s currently wearing a superman shirt with a pirate hat, so predictable 3 year old…

    I’m going as a northwest Wonder Woman, with some awesome blue spandex that have stars on them, but gotta wear long sleeves and tights because RAIN ALL HALLOWEEN. Forcing husband to wear a batman t-shirt to complete the superhero family

  9. I’m going as Marceline, and my husband is going as a….bearded, poorlywigged, crappy-boot-wearing Bubblegum, haha. We’re painting his beard pink. He was going to be a banana guard but he’s super lazy about actually MAKING his costume, so we figured we’d just buy him a shitty store-bought Bubblegum costume. Bubbline FTW, I guess? Haha.

  10. Doing a family costume… the Addams family! I am Morticia, my husband will be Gomez, one of my sons is Pugsly, the other son is Lurch, one of my daughters is Wednesday and my other daughter is Cousin Itt….. its pretty cute when the lightbulb goes off and people actually get who we are supposed to be…. 🙂

      • Ah awesome! And thanks! I went to a party where a couple people had been thinking of dressing as a heavy with medic, which would have been amazing. They’re pretty fun characters.

        I’ll have to check out the trailers. It’s actually been a while since I’ve played as well, so I’m overdue. 🙂

  11. I’m going as myself in 1999. Wide leg cargo pants, purple studded belt, too small T-shirt with sassy saying, star shaped pony bead necklace, plastic bracelets, butterfly hair clips, platform tennis shoes.

  12. I just slipped on a pair of pink devil horns. Pretending it was was not last minute and I’m the devil among us or some new hipster craze as I’m rocking plaid and docs as well.

  13. My costume is kind of an inside joke with a friend. I am Hipster Belle, as in this meme of hipster Disney princesses:


    This is costing me £0, since I owned all the components already! Belle makes a convincing hipster, as she literally sings a whole song about how everyone in her town is boring and not interested in the right stuff. 🙂

  14. I’m doing the whole dystopian cyborg thing..which I’m super excited about… but admittedly not totally finished the costume 🙁 I’m good under pressure though, lol.

    I’ll definitely post pictures if it turns out well 🙂

  15. I have a dance rehearsal tonight for the big show tomorrow – so I’m going to be the tall, white redheaded woman as an Indian Bollywood dancer. (Yes, I stick out like a sore thumb in a sea of black hair, darker skin, and shorter women/kids.) 😀

  16. I wanted to do something fun with my 7-month preggo belly this year, so I put together a Mike Wazowski Monsters Inc costume. I know it’d been done (damnit! thought it was an original idea until I googled it) but I still like it better than the typical pregnant nun costume. Just painted a green shirt, cut a hole in a black shirt layered over it, & sewed tubes of green fabric for the arms/legs, attached to the sides & bottom of my bump. My daughter insisted on Elsa (like every other 2-12 year old girl) but I figured it still works together. We didn’t have time to do anything for my husband but he’s okay with that haha. I do miss the days when we could pick family costumes without her having an opinion on it! My favorite was when she was 1 year old, we were the Tenenbaums–Ritchie, Margo & she was the cutest little Mordecai.

  17. At work, I’m just extra gothed-up (my office is kind of conservative, meh, so no real costumes allowed — at least they were amused by my black lipstick & Jack Skellington inspired fascinator). I’ll keep this on to hand out candy at home. Tomorrow is when I’m really dressing up for a local dance event. A bunch of friends are doing a silent-movie theme, & I’m going as Betty Boop bec. my hair is still super short & curly post-chemo. I have a short black strapless dress, back-seamed stockings, vintagey heels, hoop earrings, bracelets, & I’m using this tutorial to do my makeup http://youtu.be/liKWO1-Gmic?list=PL7D53F99C30484366

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