What are your Halloween costumes this year?

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meggyfin does Steampunk Princess Bubblegum

Last Halloween, I was finally able to unveil my costume that took me all year to put together: Steampunk Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time — based on this drawing. (If you’re interested, here’s how I pulled off the entire costume without sewing anything.)

This year, I’m continuing on with the Adventure Time Halloween theme, but with a LOT less preparation. I’m going to a Halloween-themed dance club night and an alien-themed Halloween party. This means my costume needs to be light and danceable, but also fit into the space alien theme (so I didn’t have to buy two costumes). I also have purple hair this year, and I didn’t want to sweat it out in a wig. So… the obvious answer became…

lumpy space princess glassesLUMPY SPACE PRINCESS!

I already had the purple hair, and a purple dress, so the only thing left to do was snag these glasses and — oh my glob — I had a $12 costume!

Now I want to know what YOU guys came up with. Adding photos to our Flickr pool, so we can all see, is an added bonus. What’s your Halloween costume this year?

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  1. My family and extended family are going as Gravity Falls characters. We’ve got Dipper, Mabel, Grunkle Stan, Lazy Susan, Soos, Wendy, Pacifica, Grenda, Candy, AND Waddles. Funny enough, the resemblances are uncanny! I know most people aren’t going to recognize the kiddos while they’re trick-or-treating, but whatever because it RULES.

  2. Right now, I’m Dorothy because I have a vintage dress that works well and I had some red shoes lying around that I glittered-and-Modpodged.

    My fiance, however, is Ron Swanson. He even shaved his beard of several years for the occasion. For the party we’re going to tomorrow night, I think I’m going to get a duck bill and add a mustache to it and go as Swan Ronson.

  3. For work, I am Business Witch, or as my co-worker put it, “Business Casua-witch” (har har). For wearing my usual mostly black and grey ensemble, but added spiderweb tights, a mini witch hat and painted my nail with Halloween themed nail art. For a Halloween party tonight, I am going a Clio, Muse of History. I’m wearing a gold toga, gold leaves in my hair, a gold mask and carrying a scroll.

  4. This year we had to take it easy with Halloween (our baby is less than two months old and really eating into our crafting time). So, we’re going as Stalin (Ed, all he needed was the mustache and hat), Eleanor Roosevelt (thrifted sober suit and pin curls for me) and Winston Churchill (put the baby in a baby suit, seriously he’s a dead ringer). We’re the Big Three.

      • I know, right?! Somewhere I read that “all babies look like Alfred Hitchcock.” I told my husband that ours looked more like Winston Churchill. She then went through a phase of looking kinda like Bob Hope, too. Can’t explain it.

  5. C and I were going to be the Big Bad Wolf (of Wall Street) and Little Red Riding Hood – him in wolf ears and tail with suit and tie, while I’d be in black and red corset with red fishnets and black skirt and red cape – BUT I’m sick with a head cold. >_<

    So I'll likely just stay home in a "Salem, Mass – A Wicked Good Time" shirt while watching goofy Halloween movies. We'll save the Wolf and Little Red for next year, I guess.

    Personally, I think C can get away with shaving his beard down and run around as S.A. Martinez from 311circa 2001.

  6. I wanted to go as Amy Farah Fowler and have my lanky nerd of a husband as Sheldon Cooper, but he won’t cooperate. So I’ll be a rainbow witch.

    Coming from France and now living in Canada, I’m popping my Halloween cherry this year. And it’s starting SOON! I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am.

    • I was surprised how popular that couples costume was this year. I saw several of my friends dress as the cast of Big Bang Theory. One set of friends even got their office to be the entire cast! Too funny 🙂

  7. I’m going as a Minion this year. Yellow hoodie, overalls, black shoes, black gloves, yellow face paint. I even managed to find welding goggles with clear lenses. The biggest disadvantage – it’s a really warm costume. I’m hoping the party I’m going to is well air-conditioned!

  8. I thought I was pregnant so was planning on being a skeleton complete with baby. Then I got my period. So I threw on my hubby’s flannel shirt, put my hair in pigtails, and told the kids I nanny for that I’m a “farm girl”.

  9. My husband and I were Jack Skellington and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas! I wanted the kids to go as Lock, Shock, and Barrel, but the boys bailed. So we had our daughter as a witch, our older son as Julius Caesar, and our youngest as Thor.

  10. I’m being a broken porcelain doll. I found some pretty good makeup tutorials on youtube for how to make cracks and missing bits on your face, hopefully I can actually do it.

    I wanted something I didn’t actually have to buy anything for this year because I spend WAY too much money/time on steampunk cosplay stuff.

  11. I went as a very tired office worker on casual friday who kind of forgot it was halloween and then went home and did nothing.
    (why does Australia do like no halloween things argh)

    • The hubs and I have been feeling over-worked lately, so we planned a weekend getaway to wine country. No costumes in sight for 3 days, but everyone was still pretty focused on a party.

  12. I wore a witch costume to work, which was easy to do. But the costume I was REALLY excited about was Dr Newt Geiszler from Pacific Rim! I wore it to a friend’s party and I even did fake arm tattoos. Nobody got it but it was still was great.

  13. I went with my nickname at work, Ariel, and went as a mermaid this year. I found awesomely fish scale printed leggings on amazon and pulled together some accessories, fancy eye-shadow work and my teal Seychelles wedding shoes (thanks to the Ariel who is far cooler than the Disney princess for pointing those out), and had some fun. https://flic.kr/p/oXm32H

  14. I wrote the word “OATS” on a tote bag and went to my classes as “Haulin’ Oats”
    *slaps knee* I do love a good pun.

  15. I decided to do a perfect week! Seven costumes at seven parties/bars in seven days. In order of the week, they are:

    A Newsie (Open the gates and seize the day!)
    Little Red Riding Hood
    Medieval Wench
    The Tardis
    Slytherin Student
    Harley Quinn
    Rosie the Riveter.

    I made the Tardis as a swing-style dress for last year, and sewed the robes/knitted the vest for Slytherin for my birthday party in June. The rest were made from pieces I had around the house. Craftiness for the win!

  16. We went as the Flintstones for a family theme this year. I was Betty, husband was Barney, two younger boys were Fred and Bam Bam, and the oldest went as Mr. Slate. We participated in a Trunk or Treat and created a Flintstones car, complete with Dino at the top!

  17. I was high school cheerleader Batman. Batman tank top, short grey skirt, yellow and white tube socks, black Keds, and pigtails.

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