What are your favorite non-cheesy Halloween costume ideas for pregnant folks?

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This year on Halloween I will be 34 weeks pregnant. Any ideas for a fun or scary halloween costume other than the typical shot-gun bride or pregnant nun? — Sam

HOLY SHIT, do I ever love this question! I was pregnant on Halloween 2008, but only two or so months in — so this didn’t really apply. However, I have seen some very stellar Halloween costumes donned by pregnant women — including this Death Star costume Siouxzi rocked:

Darth Vader and the Death Star

I have a few other favorites up my sleeve…

A Pregnant Pause

A pregnant pause is often used in comedy to build up suspense — if you have no idea what I’m talking about, Wikipedia explains it. I LOVE this idea, and it’s dead simple: dress in all black, and paint a white pause symbol on the part of your top that will go over your belly. TA-DA! You just rocked Halloween and all you really had to do was get knocked up and wield a paintbrush.

A Fishbowl

Ok, so my husband suggested this, and I was about to shoot it down when he added “You could have a baby in there with a snorkel on.” I MEAN SERIOUSLY. Someone attempt this and send us photos, PLEASE.

Celestial/Alien beings

Planets are pretty obvious: you can take your pick (or even represent for Pluto! R.I.P.) OR go for a “solar system” theme. You know, why be one planet when you could be the sun and dangle eight planets around you? It might get a little tricky depending on what it is you plan on actually DOING on Halloween, but it may be worth a shot. Similar ideas include dressing as the moon, the sun without the planets, or… I don’t know, a comet. THINK SPACE!

This most definitely is not everything — what did you guys dress up as when you were pregnant?

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  1. My second pregnancy I was 8 months along on Halloween and went as a sexy black widow spider. Wore stretchy black pants, stretchy black camisole, black button-up shirt (worn unbuttoned) with silver pinstripes and ruffles on the collar and cuffs, and a black choker necklace with fake diamonds that I happened to have in my jewelry collection.

    For the hourglass shape that goes on the spider’s back, I cut out two large triangles from red construction paper, glued the two triangles together at the corners, covered one side with red glitter, then safety-pinned the paper onto my shirt covering my baby belly. 🙂

  2. Never been pregnant, but I made a fake belly one year and dressed up as your classic 60’s housewife, complete with fake smokes. My fiance was a milkman. The belly was stiff in the middle, so I really couldn’t bend at the waist. I guess some people thought it was real, because I had a few nasty comments hurled my way at the bar!

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