4 Halloween crafts your kids can make out of recycled materials

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I was recently inspired by this list of kid’s Halloween crafts you can make out of recycled materials — so much so that I decided to let my three-year-old try out one of the suggestions. The Painted Ghost Rocks Craft seemed easy enough — since we had some of the supplies but no white paint, I decided to change the ghosts into pumpkins, using faces that my son chose as inspiration for the facial expressions of the pumpkins. Here’s how we did it!

What you need

  • Flat Rocks
  • Paint (we used acrylics in orange, black, and bright green)
  • Extra fine brush and regular paint brushes

How you do it

1. Wash your rocks

2. Paint each rock orange and let the rocks dry (this took approximately ten minutes). Note: let your kid in on the painting action! My three-and-a-half-year-old painted one of the five rocks before he moved on to something else, but he had fun. I also used a small saucer with a plastic bag wrapped around it for our palette.

3. While the rocks are drying, ask your child what kind of faces they should have. Jasper said: “Quiet, Happy, Serious, Pirate, and Crazy.”

4. Paint the faces — I added little green tops/hair to each rock, and let the rocks dry again.

5. Decide where you want to put them! We chose the little dirt patch outside our apartment.

Family Crafts has tons of other suggestions — including Bat Treat Cups made out of tin cans and super easy cardboard tombstones. I’m personally a big fan of the Dancing Yard Ghosts — they look so merry!

Are you and your kids making any decorations for Halloween? Tell us about them!

Comments on 4 Halloween crafts your kids can make out of recycled materials

  1. Oh yes!!!! My two year old and I have painted pumpkins, (they last longer). We cut up bats, ghosts and pumpkins for the window, and Penny decorated them! She also hung christmas balls on the weird tree plant thing we have in the living room, but that’s a different story! : )

  2. Gotta say, when I saw “bat treat cup” and clicked over, I was hoping to see a spooky looking cup to hang outside full of treats for bats :p

    Also, Jasper’s list of expressions is awesome.

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