Revolutionize your style with oVertone’s new hair glitter!

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The ladies of oVertone!
The ladies of oVertone!

I’m the biggest fangirl ever of our sponsor oVertone. You might remember them as the collection of colorful-infusing conditioners that help me, and a LOT of you, keep our mermaid / unicorn / alien / fairy hair vibes going strong between dye jobs.

But that’s not the only way oVertone is revolutionizing our heads, and wowing our eyes, because they’re back with something even more exciting…

hair glitter


This aloe-based gel formula is perfect for keeping glitter where you want it, and removing it easily when you’re done. It’s on 60 seconds, and off in 60 seconds. And it’s hair hydrating! Appropriately, each color is inspired by fantasy and sci-fi:

Collect them all!
Collect them all!

The ladies of oVertone were kind enough to send us samples of their newest product, and here’s what the Empire gals had to say…

Offbeat Bride's Catherine in Andromeda hair glitter!
Offbeat Bride’s Catherine in Andromeda hair glitter!

As a lifelong adherent to glitter being the herpes of craft supplies, I love to look but not to touch. So when I saw oVertone’s gorgeous sparkly goodness, I was all “ooooh heart eyes” but “ohhhh the potential mess” But no surprise, as much as they rock their color maintenance supplies, they also rock their glitters. I tried their Andromeda gold hair glitter to bejewel my long-ass ponytail and fell in love.

They say it doesn’t transfer and it actually mostly doesn’t! You may get the stray glitter speck here and there, but I’m not complaining as it kind of makes the whole look. Then it washed out in one go and I was back to my usual boring, non-glittery self. But the next sparkly hair adventure awaits. -Catherine

Offbeat Empire Sale's Guru, Tiffany!
Offbeat Empire Sale’s Guru, Tiffany!

Oh, glitter. How I love thee. And the thought of HAIR glitter is just the greatest thing ever! I mean seriously, I wear sparkly eyeshadow and glitter eyeliner every damn day.

Guess what? You really only need to use the oVertone glitter sparingly! I was so stoked to slap a ton of it on my hair and have fun, and I got super oVer (haha) excited. I wound up throwing many coats on at the roots, and you totally don’t need to! Just a little dab will do ya! -Tiffany

Megan in Narwhal glitter.
Me in Narwhal glitter.

I glittered by mini Princess Leia buns to attend a large event over the weekend! My favorite part about the hair glitter is that through all the crowds and all the dancing, the glitter had the added effect of both making people go “Ooh! I love your glitter buns!” AND holding them together for all the hours I was there! -Megan

Hair Glitter is the wedding accessory you didn't even know you needed!
Go to Offbeat Bride to see more ways to use and style hair glitter.

Offbeat Discount:

TODAY ONLY oVertone is offering 15% off of glitter orders! Until midnight PST January 24, 2017enter code UPMYGLITTERGAME at checkout to get your special discount (limit one per customer).

The first time we announced this product on Offbeat Bride, oVertone sold out within days!

So quick like a glittery bunny, take advantage of this discount and get your hands (and hair) on some deeply coveted, deeply awesome hair glitter!

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