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27 tips for How To Rock Thin Curly Hair Like A Queen

I’ve always had very thin, fine hair that curls naturally in certain humidity. In hot weather it’s just frizzy. My other issue is that I don’t have a lot of it. I’ve tried Shamphree briefly, and coconut oil, and others. But there’s just so many options out there that I wonder what has worked for other people with fine, thin, sometimes frizzy hair?

Do I shave my armpit hair to keep family peace?

Do I shave my armpit hair to keep the peace with my family?

Several months ago, I committed to stop shaving my armpits. My cousin is getting married in a couple of weeks. The wedding is a big deal, and will be pretty formal. My extended family dynamic is such that it will likely be perceived as a personal attack to the bride if I show up with hairy pits. I’m really conflicted. Do I just shave for the sake of keeping the peace? Do I hide my hairy pits? Or do I just say “Fuck it!” not make a big deal of it, and let my family and my cousin think what they think?

How to turn up the volume on your flat, fine hair

How to turn up the volume on fine, flat hair

I have flat, straight, fine, and thin hair, that falls flat no matter what I do. It’s long and has no volume whatsoever. How should I style my hair and how do I make curls stay? I also don’t want to damage my hair, and because it’s thin it gets damaged really easily.

Does anyone have any tips do deal with this?

Dye or dye not: Do you dye your grey hairs?

I’ve had natural dark brown hair for decades and generally not spending much time or money on my follicules. I’ve reached the point where my grey hairs can no longer be ignored. My reflection is further muddled with (less practical) thoughts on self-esteem and growing old and other’s opinion of me and superficiality and vain-ness and expectations and ugh!

Do you dye YOUR grey hairs? Why or why not?

Revolutionize your style with oVertone’s new hair glitter!

You might remember our sponsor oVertone as the collection of colorful-infusing conditioners that help you (and me!) keep your mermaid/unicorn/alien/fairy hair vibes going between dye jobs. But that’s not the only way oVertone is revolutionizing our heads. They’re back with something even more exciting…

Freaking HAIR GLITTER!!!

Learn how to kill lice while keeping calm for your kids

I checked her hair again and there they were — disgusting bugs eating my beautiful daughter’s poor head…

And also my own head… And also my roommate’s head. Basically three out of four people in our co-living household.

As I came to this realization I really wanted so badly to freak out. But I looked at my daughters little trusting eyes, and I realized that I didn’t have that luxury.

Braiding, books, and bread: How braids are haunting me

Now I’m no braiding master, by any stretch of the imagination, but I made my best attempt at a french braid and spent the day strutting around the office like a crested crane. Needless to say I was pretty pleased. Then the strangest things started happening; synchronicities of Jungian proportions… I started seeing braids everywhere.

This is one Boba Fett-ching hairstyle

Did you know that there was a Star Wars hair contest on Instagram? Which is cool all on it’s own, ammaright? But did you also know the winner of the Star Wars hair contest was one of our very own Offbeat Bride, Anya? She of the amazing Australian rainbow wedding!