Keep your fantasy hair color looking vibrant forever with oVertone

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Megan's purple hair that faded way too fast. Photo by Sirens Salon.
Megan’s purple hair that faded way too fast. Photo by Sirens Salon.

True story: At the beginning of August I dyed my hair this really pretty lavender, by mid August — even with adding my hair color to my conditioner — it was faded beyond all color recognition. Strangers went from saying “I love your hair!” to “So, what color was your hair?” So depressing.

That is why I’m beyond stoked that oVertone is our newest sponsor, because it’s is a line of vegan color depositing conditioners that keeps your fantasy hair color looking vibrant and beautiful. Their mission: to end hair fading for good.

oVertone vegan color depositing conditioner

oVertone was created by Maegan and Liora, who put their brightly-colored heads together and concocted a product that both of them had always wanted — a conditioner that would heal hair between dye jobs and keep it looking as bright on day 60 as it did on day one. As they put it, “We want to be bold, AND look the part 24/7, no matter how long ago our last salon trip happened.” oVertone is an end to cold showers and a reintroduction to heat styling. It’s a way to keep your hair healthy and colorful every day, no matter how often you shampoo.

But how is that possible!?…

overtone keeps your hair color vibrant

oVertone has eighteen different color combinations and two types of conditioner — a daily conditioner and a weekly treatment — to meet your fantasy hair needs. They offer red, orange, pink, blue, purple, and teal conditioners in three different intensity levels: Pastel, Vibrant, and Extreme.

Simply swap out the conditioner you’re using, replace with oVertone, and you have an easy solution to keep things colorful. You can even mix the conditioners together to create your own custom shades! The best part: there’s literally nothing in oVertone that can damage your hair, so you can apply as often as you need to!

Katy went from light blonde to surface-of-the-sun hot pink with just oVertone.
Katy went from light blonde to surface-of-the-sun hot pink with just oVertone.

So why is oVertone better than the common “cut dye with conditioner” method?

For starters, oVertone packs a much stronger punch. Their conditioners will actually deposit much more color than a diluted dye mix. Additionally, their pigments deposit faster (imagine a three minute color processing time) and are way less messy (no mixing yourself). To top it off, they are completely non-damaging — while mixing your conditioner with dye can actually negate the effects of the conditioner, oVertone conditioners are all-healing all the time.


Besides saving your hair, oVertone wants to save the world and save you some money

Besides keeping our communities bright and bold, it’s important to us as business owners to give back. We use as many organic and recyclable materials as possible (both conditioners are 70% organic), and we’re also working on creating our Give Back initiative, which will allow clients the option to add a dollar onto their order for one of four featured non profits.

We’re also committed to showing a wide range of people on our website — racial, body, age, gender, and ability diversity are a top priority for us.

From now until September 12, 2014 Offbeat Homies can save 15% off their orders. Use promo code OFFBEAT at checkout.

overtone color conditioner for colored hair

oVertone is for everyone who loves to express themselves with their favorite color hair — for those who have been wanting to test the waters, and those who have been bold for years! Bonus points for hair-inspired Fraggle Rock videos.

Check out oVertone and get your hands on the secret weapon that will keep your hair Fraggle Rock-ing long after your last salon visit.

Comments on Keep your fantasy hair color looking vibrant forever with oVertone

  1. Awesome! One of my biggest hurdles for dying my hair is maintenance. I’m lazy but I don’t want my hair to look like crap in two months.

    Also ZOMG I want the hair in that second picture!

    • Simply Wow, I couldn’t believe this hair color will work so well. I was so surprised by the results. I have used many hair colors before but the results were never same as the brand claimed but this henna buy from gives me exactly what I needed. I would say that it is worth buying. I don’t have the orange hair but real reddish-brown color…I would love to buy this hair color again.

  2. I can’t wait to try this stuff! I’m always in the market for a good vibrant pink.

    Wait, so we don’t have to bleach our hair before hand? It could just be used on regular hair (for a tint on darker shades)?

    • Hi Tasha! Our conditioners are deposit-only, so they can only add color to the existing shade of your hair. The darker your hair is, the harder it will be for you to see the color deposited, so while you will get a bright hot pink color from putting Extreme Pink on light blonde hair, it will be more of a dark berry shade if you throw it on light brown.

    • Hey Jess! The oVertone conditioners will deposit color anywhere they’re applied, but the process of rinsing the conditioners out of your hair won’t leak color on to the rest of your hair. We see lots of people who use it on multi-colored hair – just make sure you section your strands when you apply it, and you’ll be good to go.

  3. I got so excited about this as my purple only seems to last 2 weeks before needing a top up at the moment, but then saw that shipping is only offered in the USA or Canada? Is there any way to get hold of some in the UK?

  4. Okay, what about gray hair? I have brown hair with natural blond-ish highlights but I started going gray at 23. 🙁 If I use the conditioner in purple, would the gray and lighter parts of my hair end up purple? That would be so much better for my hair than getting a salon dye job every 6 weeks.

    • Hi Rachel!

      All grey hair reacts a little differently, because the structure of the strand is very different from the structure of a white-blonde bleached strand. We see some people apply our conditioners to grey and it soaks the color right up. Others have grey hairs that are more stubborn and don’t like to take color unless you process with a traditional dye, which contains cuticle-opening chemicals that you won’t find in oVertone products.

      We offer a 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason our conditioners do not deposit color successfully on your hair, even if it’s just because your strands don’t like color, we’ll refund your purchase.

  5. OMG why didn’t I know about this when my hair was hot pink all last year?! Would’ve saved me a ton ‘o cash on dye jobs and specialty conditioner…(and no more uncomfortable cold showers…especially during Canadian winters).

    …I’m considering buying some for my next colourful dye job…

    What happens when you use the conditioner on medium-blonde hair if only part of your hair is actually dyed? Will it dye/tint the blonde as well?

    • Hey Lauren! Someone further up the thread had a similar question. Basically, if you’ve got multi-colored hair, you just need to section it and apply oVertone where you want the color. Our conditioners will deposit color wherever you apply them, but they won’t color the rest of your hair in the 10 seconds it takes to rinse your conditioner out.

      If you’ve got a natural color on part of your hair and a fantasy color on part, I would put regular white conditioner on the natural colored strands, clip them up (or to the side, or just out of the way), and then apply oVertone to your fantasy colored sections.

  6. How does this work on grey/silver? Good condition (soft, not wirey). I’ve been thinking of some fun temporary color depositing on my ~25% grey/silver hair and am wondering if it will work. You don’t see strand tests on grey, usually blond or dark and grey is so different! May try anyway since it looks so darned good–a vibrant color that leaves a wash would be fine, but would love to know experiences!

    • It totally depends on your grey hair. Someone further up the thread had a similar question, and the answer is that everyone’s grey hairs react differently because of the structure of the strand. If the texture of your grey hairs are similar to the texture of your darker hairs, it’s likely that your grey strands will take the color just fine. If for any reason your hair turns out to be stubborn and doesn’t want to take the color, we’ve got a 100% money back guarantee. We’ll refund your purchase if our conditioners don’t work on your hair for any reason.

  7. How is this comparable to other pigmented conditioners out there? I’m using a custom blue pigmented Evo conditioner right now, and have to towel dry my hair first before applying.

    • Hi Stephanie! I used to use Evo products, so I’m very familiar with their conditioners. Because yours is a custom color, I can’t speak to exactly the amount of pigment you’re getting, but I can tell you this:

      1. You don’t have to towel dry your hair before using the oVertone conditioners. Throw them on like any normal conditioner.
      2. Based on my experience with the Evo line, our Vibrant Daily Conditioners contain about 1.5-2 times the pigment, and our Extreme Daily Conditioners contain about 4-5 times the pigment.
      3. oVertone colors deposit super quickly. Our Daily Conditioners deposit maximum color in 3 minutes. Work it in, rinse it out, and you’re done. If you’re looking for a deep conditioner, our Go Deep Weekly Treatments deposit maximum color and hydration in 10.

  8. So, important question! I have seriously premature grey and have silvery hair at a fairly young age. I already use a blue tinted conditioner because it makes my hair a little brighter. My problem with finding a good colored conditioner is that they either smell like old lady scents, chemicals, or that one I tried that smelled like grape koolaide. I mean, they work, but my hair smells really weird.

    So, what’s this stuff smell like? I may have old lady hair but I don’t want to smell like gardenias and since I dye my hair crazy colors every few months this might make things easier! I’m super excited about this product, I’m just not excited about funny smells! 🙂

    • Good question! We actually get TONS of compliments on our scent (check out the reviews on our website if you want to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth). I agree with you – the smell of a hair product can totally make it our break it for me. That’s why we stuck with a really soothing blend of rosemary and spearmint.

      To top it off, we don’t use any artificial scents, so you won’t get that weird over-the-top feeling you get from some products. The scent of our conditioner comes from real essential oils that we add in, which are good for your hair and keep you breathing happy.

  9. So, I partially shamPHree my hair – I wash it with a baking soda/water mixture and use a regular conditioner. I tried dyeing my hair with Manic Panic while doing this and the color faded faaaaast. How will oVertone work on my hair if I’m washing it with baking soda and water?

    • Hi Aurora! oVertone conditioners will work perfectly for you! Our products deposit back the color you use every time you wash, so even if you faded after a couple of showers with the Manic Panic, we can keep your hair bright. If you’re especially worried about fading, you might want to try the Extreme line, which contains the most pigment. I guarantee your color will look bold and fresh every day.

      • They do have a reputation for fading faster than most semi-permanent dyes. Then again, I’ve used Pravana with great success, and I know people who say Pravana washes completely out of their hair in one or two shampoos.

      • I am normally ok with how fast Manic Panic fades since I am all over the place with what color I want my hair to be. And the dye was kind of old. But it pretty much lasted one wash, which I thought was unusual. Since I wasn’t sure if it was old dye or shamPHree, I’ve been kind of afraid to spend the cash on ANY dye and have it turn out to be wasted.

  10. What’s the cleanup like in the shower & on towels? When I’ve mixed dye in conditioner, it’s prone to staining surfaces if I don’t scrub up immediately (& one towel gets sacrificed as my ‘hair dye towel’). Does this product have the same issue?

    Not a dealbreaker, just planning ahead (no pun intended, heh).

    • Hey Trystan! Unfortunately, there’s not much getting around the staining factor. If it stains your hair, it will stain other things, too. We’ve formulated our conditioners to keep them as ‘clean’ as possible, but you’ll still want to be careful around your hairline with Vibrant and Extreme conditioners, and you may find that you need to clean your shower more often than if you had non-fantasy colored hair.

      You definitely DON’T have to worry about your wet hair getting color on your clothes after you’ve rinsed the conditioner out. Even with the Extreme Orange that I use, I get minimal color on my towels compared to a time when I used to mix dye and conditioner. Still, you can always use darker linens if you’re concerned about it.

      • My solution (my hair is red, but I’ve stopped with the candy apple for awhile and now look like my hair might be found in nature, but it’s still bright red) is to use…

        da-dum, da-dum…

        …red towels!

        No joke, it works. No staining, because the towel is already red!

        We also have dark purple towels, dark enough that there is no noticeable stain.

    • I was going to ask this too (not about the towels so much as I have accumulated a pile of “hair dye towels” that I use when my color is fresh.) But My hair is candy apple red and when I wash/rinse it it turns the inside of our shower and bath a nice cotton candy pink (which my boyfriend does not love) Does Overtone do the same thing or does it rinse off of hard surfaces fairly well?

      • It really depends on your shower, but our conditioners definitely can stain things. Anything that stains your hair is going to have a tendency to stain any porous surface it comes in contact with. Unfortunately, this is just the the price you pay for having bold hair! I have a white tiled shower with white grout, which is the worst, and I keep it bright and clean by scrubbing it quickly with a mix of bleach-based cleanser and all purpose cleaning fluid after every couple of showers.

    • That depends on how concerned you are with having purple hands. 🙂

      In general – yes. We definitely recommend that you use gloves with Vibrant and Extreme conditioners. I use Extreme Orange, and sometimes when I’m in a hurry throwing on the Daily Conditioner I go gloveless. It gives a lovely orange tint to my hands that goes away after I’ve washed them two or three times.

      I always take my gloves off after I apply the conditioner and rinse it out with bare hands. The pigment soaks in to your hair and there isn’t nearly as much left when you rise it out, so combing through your hair while you’re rinsing won’t stain your hands nearly as much as applying it with bare hands will.

      • How concerned should I be about my face and back? I’d like to dye my hair blue (as soon as I have tenure and my own house so I don’t have to worry about the shower), but I don’t want to look like a smurf.

        • Depending on the color you go for, we do recommend that you are careful around your hairline. Just like semi-permanent dye, it can get on your forehead if you apply it and leave it there. It’s pretty easy to remove it with one or two facial cleanser washes.

          I have long hair and I’ve never had a problem with it staining my back. I would recommend clipping your hair up on your head for a couple of minutes while the color deposits. When you take it out of the clip and rinse it out, you’ll notice that the color of the conditioner itself is significantly lighter than when you applied it, because the pigment has been deposited into the cuticle of your hair.

    • My question exactly — good to see an unambiguous answer. I’ll put up with the hassle of extra gloves in exchange for not rubbing off excess dye on my towel/pillow/clothes as a consequence of living the purple life.

  11. I have a fantastically long fade time with my current dye (4-5 weeks), but will definitely be purchasing your conditioner to keep it going longer!

    Thanks for answering so many questions, too!

    • That’s amazing! I wish my hair would stay bright on its own for that long. 🙂

      We LOVE answering questions and being part of the conversation. oVertone was originally something Liora and I cooked up for our own hair, so we’re still just excited that everyone is loving it so much. If you ever have any other questions or want to chat, you can always email me at [email protected].

  12. Purchase made. I’m gathering that this might also work as a substitute for the damaging dye. Also, is there any reasons colors couldn’t be mixed together? My usual is more of a burgundy these days, and I’m wondering if a combo of red and purple might not be closer. Thanks! Apparently advertising on Offbeat works.

    • You can DEFINITELY mix colors. In fact, we specifically formulated all of our colors to be mixed together really easily. Tons of our customers do it and have had great results. There are two ways you can do it – either mix both conditioners in your hands 50/50, or use each color every other time you wash.

  13. This looks amazing! I wanted to know, do these play well with Pravana Vivids dye? I know that some “unnatural” dyes can produce surprising results when mixed, such as when I tried dying Pravana Violet over Manic Panic Purple Haze…I ended up with a blue/green brown color that was not pretty. I love the concept of these but I wonder if there are any combinations to steer clear of. Thanks! 🙂

    • We have tested our products with a LOT of different dyes, and so far have not found a single one that the conditioners don’t play well with. I can also tell you from a lot of personal experience with the Pravana Vivids line on my own head that you won’t have any problems.

      The most important thing we stuck to when formulating these colors was keeping them very neutral and ‘primary.’ Our reds are a very neutral red, for example, and aren’t orange-y or purple-y. This means that you aren’t going to get a fun murky mess of a surprise by accidentally mixing two colors with different undertone bases.

  14. Okay, just about to make my purchase (first one on the alternative-color depositing bandwagon–did reds for years, but only to maintain the “natural” color!)–how on earth can you write an entire post and NOT MENTION THE CUSTOM SAMPLE SETS? Absolutely BRILLIANT IDEA! 🙂

    • Ha! I’m glad you like the sample sets! I can’t take credit for that idea. Our customers came up with it. 🙂 We started offering them just a few weeks ago after we got several requests from people wanting to try a few different colors before buying a full bottle.

  15. Can it be used on eyebrows?

    I ask because I am a flaming copper redhead with blond eyebrows. Every time I’ve had them dyed they look way too dark because they tend to take colour really quickly.

    • Hi!

      We definitely do NOT recommend using oVertone for anywhere south of the top of your head. It’s only been tested (on humans only!) for top-of-head hair use only. Let us know if you have any other questions!

  16. So my stylist puts different intensities/ shades of blue in my hair to create a “rabbit fur” effect (dark indigo at the roots, sky blue at the tips, mid-tone in between). Would the conditioners darken everything at the same rate or will they eventually turn my hair into one even shade of blue?

    • I love the sound of your color! If you’ve got multi-toned hair, you just have to apply our conditioners a little differently. The second picture in this article shows a close up of one of our models, Rambo, and if you look closely you’ll notice that he has teal at the roots and blue from middle to ends.

      What you’ll want to do is buy the colors that are right for you, and work in sections of your hair starting from the bottom up. One of our other models, Lindsay, does a similar look with orange at the roots, fading to a brick red color at the ends. You can see all of the details of her color here:

  17. I really should try this! (Too bad I live in Taiwan where international shipping from anywhere starts at US$30!).

    I assume I’d still have to use color-safe shampoo only, yes? My main hair color issue (I’m a bright red girl, although I’ve been going more red-found-in-nature of late) is that my hair doesn’t like color-safe shampoo. It’s fine at first but it starts to lack efficacy after a few months, leaving me with an eternally greasy, itchy scalp. Taking a break and using a different shampoo doesn’t help, because it’s a problem with all color-safe options. Aveda’s the best one I’ve tried and even that one eventually gives me the ol’ grease-itch.

    But if I want to keep my hair red, I have to use color-safe shampoo without stopping. It fades the day I try something else and turns into a streaky mess of lightly bleached, gray-touched light brown hair.

    What’s a girl to do? 🙁

    • Hi!

      For best results we recommend using a color safe shampoo. If you’re having trouble finding one you like, try looking for descriptions that say “sulfate free” – it’ll be easy on your color, too! I also personally recommend finding a dry shampoo you like to get some of that grease out without loosing your color.

      We do actually ship internationally with a service called MyUs! Check em out!

    • I just started using Vivids shampoo by Pravanna (I use their hair color). I’m liking it better than Deva Curl. It’s only been two weeks since I started using it though so take that for what it’s worth.

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