Throw this creepy but elegant goth dinner party

Guest post by Mandy Drew

“You’re going to make us eat bone marrow?”

Yes, yes I am.

There’s nothing I won’t try… twice (the first time could be a fluke!). When planning this super creepy goth dinner party, I wanted to avoid the kitschy, usual food you see at Halloween parties: the hot dog “fingers,” the mummy pigs in a blanket… I wanted food that was elegant and still tasty!

So off to Google I went coming up with this eccentric menu. These are the creepy things I will serve you if you ever come to eat at my house…


Bone marrow with a purple carrot and beet salad.


Squid ink pasta, tomatoes, red cabbage, and red peppers, meatballs, and baby cuttlefish.

Wine and beer pairings:

Coffin Ridge “Back From The Dead” Red
Ravenswood Zinfandel
Great Lakes Brewery Pumpkin Ale (if in season)


Dark chocolate, black salted crème brulee garnished with dragon fruit, blackberries and pomegranate.

The table setting

The setting was easy, displaying a collection of all the creepy elements I could find around my house including some very vintage embalming fluid bottles discovered in an old funeral home in Ottawa and custom Ouija board placecards. Being a florist, I had to incorporate a floral aspect with sprayed gold and black asparagus fern. It really added a neat effect!

Comments on Throw this creepy but elegant goth dinner party

  1. I’m seriously impressed by your dedication. I will never come eat at your house, but I love that you put so much work, thought, and skill into your planning. It’s beautiful!

    • I love B Nektar! Just about everything they make is delicious, and most of them have wacky names that would also work for your gothy/Halloween festivities! I’m local to them (out of Ferndale, MI) so we get a lot more distributed to stores near us, but I’ve seen a few pop up in stores and bars outside of Michigan. Most often I’ve seen Zombie Killer, which is a cherry hard cider. So good!

  2. Well-done! Looks creepy and probably tastes incredibly good!

    One thing I’d try if only I wasn’t hypoglycemic is to get one of those unicorn cake pans, make red velvet lava cake in it, ice it up as pretty as you please, and watch what happens when the guests dig in and it bleeds.

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