Right? Cupcakes and Cashmere has the tutorial on how you can transform a little epoxy, a pretty stone, a cork stopper and into something super cool for the top of your liquor cabinet. Good for gifts, parties, and little presents to yourself. (The presents of which I speak are boozepresents.)


Comments on Make these DIY crystal bottle stoppers

  1. As cool as this idea is, it’s bugging me that they’re labeled as geodes. They’re not! That’s pyrite, quartz and amythyst -crystal formations!

    I think I’d like to try this, but with a stronger base, like acrylic.

    • Totally true. That said, while I totally appreciate y’all’s commitment to sparkle motion here, the original tutorial is titled “Geode Bottle Stoppers,” so that’s what’s Cat referenced in this post.

      In keeping with our policies of self-identification, we should ask the rocks what they call themselves (I MIGHT LOOK LIKE A CRYSTAL ON THE OUTSIDE, BUT I SELF-IDENTIFY AS A GEODE!) but in leui of that, I’m tempted to allow the original tutorial author’s [sic] to stick.

      Then again, people corrected the original author as well, so what the fuck: I’ll change our title.

  2. Cool idea. But what caught my eye was the bottle of Wisconsin-made Death’s Door spirits in the middle of the picture. I highly recommend all their booze! ALL of it.

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