Cutest fridge evar? Kawaii fridge monster stickers

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The smarties over at DOIY Design are now selling this stupidly adorable Kawaii sticker set that turns your refrigerator into the cutest Kawaii monster ever seen in your kitchen. I just… seriously. Your fridge can have teeth. And wide-set eyes. And look like it wants to hug you! Behold:

You can order one directly from DOIY Design for 8€, although god knows what shipping to the US would be.

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  1. To heck with shipping, let’s see some of you crafty folk make this at home. I bet it would be pretty simple with some stick on magnets to make them more removeable,too.

  2. We bought this in a brick-and-mortar store in Vancouver, BC, and stuck it on our fridge. (I wish I remembered which store.) It’s adorable, but not very durable. The stickers were more paper-y and fragile than expected; the edges started peeling after less than a month, and the black scratches off fairly easily.

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