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The top 5 myths about my refrigerator that I totally believe are true

My mother’s fridge was SPOTLESS when I was growing up. BOTH of them! (She kept an older one in the garage that she only turned on when entertaining.) My stepmother’s is spotless too, as are my aunts’. Mine is not spotless. You just don’t want to admit you’re having a problem in this area and yet I marvel at their abilities. Instead of having a spotless fridge, I just cling to these five myths that I believe are true about my refrigerator…

Baskets! The final missing piece in my quest for a simple home-cooked meal plan

I had a “baskets!” moment about … baskets. A while ago I mapped out a basic cooking roster for my partner and myself, based on our schedules. Then I got thinking about how I’m going to make sure we actually use all these ingredients so I don’t have to scrape them out of the vege drawer in a month’s time. Also how to make this easy for us both…

Mini-fridges that’ll look awesome in your living room

My husband wants to get a mini-fridge for our beer collection. Problem is, it would need to be in our living room. Help me find some stylish mini-fridge options that I won’t hate looking at everyday?

From ’80s fridge to a brightly coloured message station

Homie Cheryl Hellcat is just killing it with craftiness — Lord of the Rings table, driftwood key rack, and bird feeders and baths made from plates. Now let’s all oggle her fridge make-over…

Use contact paper to snazzy-up your boring fridge

Not too long ago, I saw a picture of a normally boring white fridge with some nice zippy chevron stripes. I was so jealous, and knew that I had to do something to my fridge. This is how a dollar store bag and some contact paper helped me transform my once-boring fridge.

A “baskets!” moment for your freezer

We had lots of extra baskets from berries and tomatoes around the apartment. We also had little foil packets of things like garlic that we keep in the freezer for when we need them. They kept falling though the holes in our shelves and were annoying to keep track of. Here’s my “baskets!” moment from my freezer.

Cutest fridge evar? Kawaii fridge monster stickers

The smarties over at DOIY Design are now selling this stupidly adorable Kawaii sticker set that turns your refrigerator into the cutest Kawaii monster ever seen in your kitchen. I just… seriously. Your fridge can have teeth. And wide-set eyes. And look like it wants to hug you! And there’s even a video…

Use press-and-seal wrap to protect fridge shelves

Protecting your refrigerator shelves from permanent messes (and smells!) isn’t too hard if you employ some press-and-seal style plastic wrap.