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19 unbelievably cute cell phone covers that I need right meow!

It all started with that kitty cat, crossbody, cell phone cover. It’s amazing. It’s adorable. It’s unbelievable that it exists. And then I went down the rabbit hole of unbelievably cute cell phone covers.

Come on a shopping journey of the cell phone covers that are so cute you’ll want to eat, pet, and mostly buy them right meow…

Please adopt one of these self-watering planters!

Stop everything and look at these Peropon Drinking Animal Planters! Seriously… do you like cute things? Do you like funny things? Do you like growing things? Then you will like these things!

I love my frying panda

Holy crapsicles, how cute is this freaking frying pan? I’m sorry, I mean, frying panda. I fell in love with her when I saw her over on ModCloth. I was also impressed to see that the reviews were all glowing.

Cutest fridge evar? Kawaii fridge monster stickers

The smarties over at DOIY Design are now selling this stupidly adorable Kawaii sticker set that turns your refrigerator into the cutest Kawaii monster ever seen in your kitchen. I just… seriously. Your fridge can have teeth. And wide-set eyes. And look like it wants to hug you! And there’s even a video…

Meet my new creepy/cute kitchen art from Cuddly Rigor Mortis

Thanks to a blog called Super Punch, a few weeks ago I stumbled across the adorably creepy art from Cuddly Rigor Mortis. The above print (called “L’amour Or Less”) is now hanging to the right of our stove, its cock-eyed little lovers tempting me with their delicious-looking little heads.

Cuddly Rigor Mortis’ online shop is filled with adorably off-kilter food-related prints that feel like the perfect pop-art for kitchens…

I am moving into this video

This over-the-top adorabz video from Japan’s PonPonPon makes me start scheming a blue striped room and having my own special toy corner encrusted with My Little Ponies, rainbow tutus, enormous eye balls, pink brains, and other sparky things.

BLAMMO! Let’s talk about BENTO!

I don’t really cook, but I like arranging food, and so a few years ago I got SUPER into bento lunches. In fact, before there was wedding porn on Offbeat Bride, there was something called Mr. Bento Porn on Flickr. Come with me as I peek at some awesome bento lunchbox options.

Kawaii housewares so dang cute, they’ll de-age you by 10 years

Here’s a little shoppy-shoppy post about insanely cutey cute housewares, guaranteed to make your house feel like a toddler space station populated by talking bears.