A “baskets!” moment for your freezer

Guest post by kahlanamnell

Here’s my “baskets!” moment from my freezer. We had lots of extra baskets from berries and tomatoes around the apartment. We also had little foil packets of things like garlic that we keep in the freezer for when we need them. They kept falling though the holes in our shelves and were annoying to keep track of.

So, one day I decided that the foil packets should be contained. I took two baskets and put the foil packets into them.

Yay, no more little packets all over the place!

Comments on A “baskets!” moment for your freezer

  1. My mom used to use cardboard boxes covered in masking tape (she has some sort of thing about masking tape…) to keep everything in the freezer organized — there was one for bread, one for fruits/veggies, one for proteinful things like meat, beans, and cheese… Also, in the big chest freezer in the basement, since it was basically a big box with only one little basket to aid in the organization, she created her own compartments with big cardboard boxes, and then kept everything together with other things of its kind by putting them all in the same large onion bag (or whatever large bag we had from foodstuffs). So, all the bags of sour cherries were in one bag, all the apricots were in another, the salmon had its own bag, as did the chicken, and so on…

  2. I use wire baskets that I got in the Target $1 section to hold my veggies and fruits. I never thought of organizing a fridge like that, but it’s so helpful!

  3. I use the mini laundry baskets from the Dollar Store in my upright deep freezer to store bags of soup stock, berries, etc. that I’ve frozen flat on a cookie sheet first. I can fit two baskets per shelf. It makes life a lot easier.

  4. I was re-organizing the freezer last week and the stack of frozen sandwich baggies full of meat kept falling over. It was like a fraking comedy movie moment as I’m frantically trying to catch these things while they bounce around like hockey pucks and I wished for extra hands. I’m fairly certain I GROWLED my demand for a basket from the garage, because my mister simply went looking for one instead of asking me what kind I wanted… showed back up with the PERFECT basket to hold these baggies in a nice file-folder sort of way. I had to send him back for a second one for the lunch meat, it worked so well. Now there’s a third for the baggies of frozen smoothie fruit. Genius.

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