Cads about Maternity: The baby shower game that won’t suck!

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Our sponsor Cads About Maternity is the bastard love child of Cads About Matrimony — the wedding party game for horrible people who hate wedding party games. (You may have noticed us talking about it over on Offbeat Bride.) Now there’s a new (but equally repugnant) card game for horrible parents! Cads About Maternity is made for irresponsible new parents with dark, dirty minds — so you know it’s good.

Or as The Cads Team puts it:

The perfect way to ruin a baby shower, offend the grandparents, and make a pregnant lady cry.

Based on the same basic matching format of the classic Cards Against Humanity, this game is simple to play:

  1. One player reads a question card out loud.
  2. The other players each submit an answer card.
  3. The best answer wins.

The results are as joyful and disgusting as parenthood itself. And I promise it just may be the one baby shower game that everyone ACTUALLY wants to play.

I mean, just check out all these delightfully dark cards…

The Cads About Maternity game just may be the best thing to prepare you for the most disgusting, amazing, exhausting adventure of your adult life. Discover what may be the most fun thing about being pregnant: Play this completely inappropriate excuse for a game.

Comments on Cads about Maternity: The baby shower game that won’t suck!

  1. We held a dark baby shower for a pregnant friend who complained that baby showers were boring and annoying compared to the fun of bachelorette parties. The highlight was a uterus pinata full of chocolate truffles and mini booze bottles (the latter for after the birth). This game would have been an AMAZING addition!

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