Halloween style: Get gothic from head to toe

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Over on our sister site Offbeat Bride, we rounded up a bunch of goodies from our sponsors for Halloween weddings. Most of these things aren’t just for weddings at all though. So please to enjoy, Halloween fashions and gifts for all!

Black cat slipper socks and the black cat tights from Sock Dreams
Black cat slipper socks and the black cat tights from Sock Dreams

Is it any surprise that one of our editors’ favorite places to shop for socks has an entire section devoted to Halloween? Sock Dreams is an awesome place to get your spooky Halloween accessories.

Papel Picado Necktie. Day Of The Dead microfiber tie
Papel Picado Necktie. Day Of The Dead microfiber tie

The Cyberoptix TieLab was started in 2005 after noticing a void in creative yet sophisticated neckwear. They specialize in making men and women of all ages undeniably presentable with their very customizable and often wonderfully spooktacular colors and themes.

Game of Thrones Dragon Evening Bag
Game of Thrones Dragon Evening Bag from Midnight Revels

Handmade by Etsy seller Midnight Revels, these one-of-a-kind evening bags use rich materials like satins, velvets, and brocades, and the handles are hand-painted and lacquered with colorful, unconventional images. My favorite (of course) is this Game of Thrones Dragon Evening Bag!

Black wearable wings from Firefly Path
Black wearable wings from Firefly Path

Black wearable wings: the ultimate in goth accessories! This “feather bolero” is just one of the wearable wing options at Firefly Path, but there are also other fabulous costume accessories to be found, like unicorn horns anyone?

overtone halloween hair

Want to make sure your hair is as Halloween-ready as your accessories? Then, Overtone, our favorite color-infusing conditioner, is at the ready! From bright colors to bewitching pastels, you can either wash in, or maintain non-traditional hair color for Halloween and the rest of the Fall season.

What, Where, Web Heel

The “What, Where, Web” heel from [heart link=”http://vendors.offbeatbride.com/listing/modcloth-com”]Modcloth[/heart] is printed with spider webs, stars, and roses atop their creamy vegan faux-leather. It’s like they were made special for Halloween.

We’re Off to See the Glimmer Heel

Anyone rocking a Dorothy costume? The “We’re Off to See the Glimmer” heel is now part of your outfit, isn’t it?

Dia de Los Meow-toes Flat

And for my lovers of flats and cats: the “Dia de los Meow-toes” shoes!

bats the spirit dress

How amazing is the “Bat’s the Spirit” dress?

heart skull dress

I hear that hearts and skulls are the perfect combination for Fall fashion.

Moxie-turvy Dress

The Moxie-turvy dress is also pitch-perfect for a lovers of all thing vintage and goth. Pair this with those spider web heels and cat tights, and you’ll have every single Offbeat Empire editor drooling.

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  1. Yay for Halloween! Sock dreams has such wonderful selection of socks and tights, such awesome colors and patterns. Unfortunately my cold, yet very sweaty, little feet can only tolerate their wool socks 🙁 It’s still fun to look at everything of course! Also, I just can’t get over the fact that the skulls and hearts dress uses the exact same fabric as some of my cloth menstrual pads from Party In My Pants pads LOL ETA: I’m totally not trying to be a whiny ass, but being Canadian, with the current USD/CAD exchange rate, it’s become pretty ridiculous to order anything from the US…

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