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Maternity portraits

Cotton candy, a ferris wheel, and magic sparkles: all signs point to a whimsical birth announcement

Sarah and Chad wanted to announce their baby’s sex a little non-traditionally, so they contacted Le Cape Studios and asked if the team would tag along at a carnival. The ever-present but still quite subtle blue (the balloon, cotton candy, even their shirts) is such an awesome touch — not to mention the badass ferris wheel shots.

This beachside yoga-infused maternity session’s gonna make you swoon

Amy and Tres share a love for yoga — in fact, they were introduced to one another by their yoga teacher. The two are now expecting their first tiny yogi, and decided to have some fun with yoga during their maternity session with Cassie Leigh Photography.

Alyssa and Stephen’s circus and Dr. Seuss inspired maternity session

Alyssa and Steven are fans of bright colors, Dr. Seuss (Alyssa has a Truffula Trees tattoo!), and the circus. In fact, Alyssa used to work for a circus, and Steven knows how to juggle. The pair asked Dallas-based Brandi Thompson Photography to capture their maternity fun.

Renee and Lois are having a baby and they’re so EXCITED!

Nothing says home like your actual home, and nothing says “We’re so happy we’re having a baby!” like huge smiles plastered on your faces. Lois and Renee are definitely stoked about their impending arrival of their firstborn!

An outdoors, tie-dyed maternity session with PETS!

The secret to awesome maternity photos may just be adding a vintage hand-made quilt AND your two slobbery furry “first babies” into the mix… though maybe not at the same time.

A simple sunset maternity session that will be hard to forget

For all of the amazing things people have thought to do for their maternity photos (and trust me — we’ve seen some of the best around!) every so often it’s nice to keep it simple. These shots from Gregarious Peach are a great example of what I mean: just a woman, her pregnancy, and the world around her.

These maternity photos are about to redefine what it means to be badass

A week or two ago, UK photographer Emma, of Emma Lucy Photography, sent over these photos of Penny, who is now my hero for life. The photos would be awesome even if Penny wasn’t pregnant in them, but the fact that she is = a whole new level of incredible.

A beachside maternity session featuring one happy mama and her kilt-clad baby daddy

So get this: I’ve just discovered that the only way to make a beach-side maternity session even better (because obviously the whole OCEAN thing already rocks) is to throw in an incredibly adorable family that includes a dad wearing a REAL LIFE KILT. I’m not sure why the juxtaposition of the kilt and the sea is so fantastic to me, but these maternity photos are some of my favorites that have landed in our Flickr pool to date.